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Winter Olympic Rant


Ok, the coverage sucks but it always does. It's like complaining about the weather. But two things are driving me crazy.

One. Michelle Kwan. She has four years to get ready for one competition and she gets hurt right before it? Who the hell is her trainer? How much does she pay him?

Two. Snowboarders who miss a landing because their pants are below their ass. You'd think winning a medal might be more important than some stupid fashion statement. Idiots.

Am I the only one?


I doubt it :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Humm.. Canada is going to rape in hockey..

Oh my, we are already raping.


I love when they interview the snowboarders. It's like time travelling back to the mid-nineties. In regards to Kwan: old and broken. Hang up the skates grandma.


Here's what really annoys me. Fat Asshole American "sportswriters" who shit all over the Winter Olympics - questioning the legitimacy of most of the events, simply because they are obscure sports in the US or it's not NFL, MLB, or NBA.

It really pisses me off when they make light of all the sacrifice and training these guys/girls go through. I'd like to see some of these fat fucks lace up the skis and try their hand at XC skiing the ski jump, or the bobsled and see if they're so dismissive then.

This is the kind of shit, that I, as an American,can't stand. Which brings me to another point - ever notice that the men most obsessed with sports are the ones who have the LEAST athletic ability. Interesting and sad.



SOOOOOO true!!! HA!!! My boss and some of the guys I work with are SUCH perfect examples of this. They're OBSESSED with sports, and will argue and yell like real tough guys over which players are better, which team should trade whom, whose offensive line is better, etc., but they're the kinds of guys that would break into little pieces if someone ever tackled them. Too funny! Thanks for saying what I've been thinking for years!


Are the Olympics this year? When do they start?


I've decided that the hardest event has to to be pairs skating. I used to make fun of this sport becasue of the costumes and lame-ass music but after watching the long-program the other evening have decided that these people are true athletes. 5 full minutes of tossing some 115 lb broad around and doing jumps and twirls while on skates. I tried to do this in my sneakers for 5 minutes and was sucking wind in 3.

What I'm tired of is all the coverage of all the rich white spoiled kids who happened to have parents that could afford a trainer for them...I tired of hearing how great and what heros these people are. I lift heavy weights can I be a hero, too?


Raping goes quite well with your team of gamblers and bookies.....


Thats one of the funniest things I've read in a while. It made me laugh out loud at work!


Thats why you should get obscure sports quarterly- you might even be able to find dodgeball in there, too.


agreed. rick reilly is one of the worst offenders. Self-righteous SOBs. I'm not even going to write about it anymore to keep from getting too worked up


I think Will heffernen an Dan fouts are training for the two man luge (sp?) Go team Brokeback!


And all that sweet ass in your face.

Here honey, let me lift you up so's I can snuggle your nubile cameltoe. Mmmmmmmmmm.


I only watch ESPN 8. The Ocho.


They couldn't do it without the New Jersey State Troopers! :slight_smile: