Winter Cycle: Test Prop, NPP, Oral

In about a month I plan on starting a cycle of Test Prop, NPP, and I was thinking of starting with a few weeks of T-Bol and then swapping to anavar. In addition I would run a form of clen and T3 combination, which I am currently trying to find out a little bit more on. The cycle would look something like this.

Test Prop Wk 1-10 400mg/wk
NPP Wk 1-10 300mg/wk
T-Bol Wk 1-3 50 mg/ED
Anavar Wk 4-6 50 mg/ED
Arimidex Wk 1-10 .5 mg/ED
CYX3 is supposedly run 21 days at a time so I plan on starting that on week 3 thru 5 and then again week 8 thru 10.

I am choosing the NPP over the tren on the basis of joint support and the fact that I am going to be doing much more running during the time period while I’m on this cycle. While on tren the strength gain was incredible but the knees and elbows hate me for it. I’ll for sure run tren again but my cardio goals are much different at this point.

So this is my proposed cycle, any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll probably want some cabergoline… a dopamine agonist while you run your NPP.

What about PCT?

PCT will be 4 weeks of nolva 40/40/20/20. Cabergoline, is that something that is somewhat easily available?

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My apologies. Yes, I am running a cutting cycle. I’m sitting at an even 200lbs right now and I guess I don’t really care what the scale ends up to be at the end of this cycle, however, clearly I’m not looking to gain a lot of weight here. My goal is to reduce body fat while continuing to get stronger and improve my physique.