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Winter Conditioning


I do some stuff like this for some general physical preparedness, it's pretty rough on the cardio after a few miles. Even if you are just hiking.

I'll add more vids to this later. Anyone else get up to any outdoor training come winter? feel free to add vids or suggestions.


1 Find a hill

2 Recreate training montage from Rocky IV

3 ???

4 Profit


I'm from Winnipeg and would sometimes go for runs in I guess about -30 (about -22F) and would run from work to home and fuck if I stopped out of fatigue I might possibly have nowhere to go to warm up so I just had to keep going.


I tip my hat to you then, haha. the coldest I've ever gone out in is like -20F, my water bottle froze and when I took my bala clava (face-mask) off for ten seconds it felt like the inside of my nose and corner of my eyes started to freeze. You truly start to wonder that if you stop running out there, if you'll just freeze to death.

there feels to be a big difference from -18 to -20, so I can only imagine -22. (I only braved -20 a couple of times as well.) I try to go outside every-day to slowly adjust my tolerance to the cold I find skipping even one day where the temperature is consistently dropping to be a huge mistake.


Yeah I've had it where the only thing exposed is the eyeballs and sometimes you have to take your mitts off and put your hands over your eyes to keep them warm. Fuck that shit!


grew up in Chicago and currently live at 8000ft in Mammoth Lakes, ca. Our winters start about mid October and end about June, so I get a lot of outdoor cold weather training in. Push/pulling the prowler, sandbag throws and then XC skate skiing sprinting at 9,000ft for good measure. As the season progresses I will try to post some coool ass videos'.


Our winters sound really mild in comparison !, but we do get lots of cold/wet in this corner of the uk.

Don't run much but i do a fair amount of heavy load carrying (cutting,splitting and hauling firewood), also play around with a forest fitness trail that i have been gradually working on.


When I am lucky enough to get a good snow nothing is more fun than running hills in my snowshoes.


Running in the winter is awesome ! it gives you an excuse to wear a beanie so the headphones doesn't fall out !

might not be so awesome for you -20 guys...


Gotta love Canada. Most of the year she treats us right... Then comes winter and she whips out the strapon.

Yeah I read the forecast and missed the wind chill part so I was out in -22 with a t shirt. It wasn't so bad since I was really just going from the car to the stores every now and then.

So, I do 200 meter wind chill sprints for my winter workouts.


Nice video, very rocky-ish lol

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