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Winter Bulking Cycle

Weeks 1-16 750mg test E
Weeks 1-14 600mg EQ
Weeks 12-18 50mg avanar
A solid clomid/nolva PCT
I am also on GHRP-2 till June

I have armidex on had to control water bloting and gyno as needed
Will be taling propicea to keep the hair line safe lol

This is the first time I am running var into my pct my workout buddie turned me on to it and it seems to help keep his gains so I thought I would give it a go.

I personally use adex constantly through cycles and control the dose based on sides while on, I wouldn’t start it late. Cycle is far too long IMO better off with 8-10 weeks whilst using HCG throughout the cycle ( you didn’t mention its use?).

Whats your reasoning behind an 18 week cycle?
Are you using HCG?
What number cycle is this for you?

Switch out the var for some Dbol. It’s a great anti catabolic and since ur trying to bulk up it’ll keep more mass on you. Im using this method myself rite now and am about to start pct and havent lost a pound!