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Winter Bulk

so im 6’2 220-230 10% bf and slowly leaning for summer time with a little ghrp-6 and erase. ive been training for aslong as i can remember ive been a wrestler my whole life so ive always lifted and dieted consistently since a very young age. ive been trainig for size specifically for the past 5-6 years and have decent cycle experience just started dipping into peptides and loving the results especially the appetite increase sleep/recovery and that i think its helping keep my skin clear so i plan on using it in pct. all this cutting even though successful has really made me wnt to eat some carbs and screw bodyfat and just get effin hyuge. so here it is

weeks 1-12 test-e 600mg per week(shoot e3d)
weeks 1-4 superdrol 40mg a day
weeks 3-14 adex 0.25mg ed (tapered off after last shot of test)
weeks 10-14 superdrol 20mg a day
PCT: (starting week 14)
nolva 40/40/20/20
DAA 3g/3g/3g/3g
erase 3/3/2/2/2/2
ghrp-6 from weeks 1-6 at 400mcg ed (injected preworkout and before bed)
and ofcoarse support suppps throught the whole deal

my main concerns is is superdrol ok used as a bridge i dont see y not its just that i usually see different orals like win or var
so tell me what u think thanks in advance

I would probably use the G6 in the morning as well before fasted cardio (if oyu are doing any) to help liberate the free fatty acids and flush them.

I do not see HCG in your cycle plans–I highly recommend it.