Winter blitz

I got 80ml of 100 winny,40cc of 200 eq,100 tabs 5mg nolvadex,300 tabs of 10mg d-bol,20ml of 300mg deca,5 bottles 250mg test whats the best cycle for cutting up,getting alittle lean at the same time.Im no newbie,but getting smaller was never my thing.If anyone can help.Please do.

Sorry Dude, I don’t think anyone here will put the cycle together for you. Everyone here is kind enough to HELP out and give ADVICE for anyone who has some basic knowledge of what they want to do and what they expect to gain.

Try to figure out a cycle on your own, then re-post. I’m sure you’ll get some advice after that. Also, try giving some stats, like # of years training, your age, weight, height, etc.

I want to cycle a 100mg EOD of winny,200mg every two days,600mg of deca a week,with 10mg of nolvadex EOD.Do you think I should add 30-40mg ED of d-bol.Or low some of the doses.I ve done some advance cycling but usually for mass and strengh never for cutting up.