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Winter Blast


Just trying to get some opinions from the bigger people on here. Blast is planned:

week 1-8 Test E 1000 mg/week
Week 1-8 deca 600 mg/week
9-16 Test E 1500 mg/week
9-16 deca 800 mg week
Adex .5 mg ed (adjust as needed)
Never needed a da with tren so probably won't use caber

Possibly running tren e for 8 weeks at the end and dropping the deca.

Never ran Deca before so figured this should be a fun first run. Not a fan of orals so will not add them.


Looks good. I’d have caber on hand just in case. Deca is different and just because you don’t react to tren doesn’t mean you wont react to deca. How do you run AI and serms when your switching between blast and cruising?


Yea I react pretty well to tren so I’m hoping deca is compreable as far as sides. Deca dick won’t bother me. Sex is pretty low on my priorities, care more about my health.

Adex on blast is usually .5 mg ed, nipples get puffy a few days of nolva at 20 mg ed and it goes away. Cruise adex usually .25 or .5 mg eod.


Big question now is do I want tren e from 16-24 with test or up the deca, run it for say 12 weeks then run tren for 8-10 weeks after that.


I’d see how you like the deca before you decide to drop it for tren or not. Remember deca is still going to be in your system for several weeks after you drop it. I’d run the deca for the first 16 weeks like you planned then run tren for the last 8. Then cruise on…


Consider test suspension before training if you want something instead of an oral for a “kick”. I personally would run NPP and test without tren for the first 6 weeks to assess the results, then add tren for 8-10 weeks when the results start to diminish.