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I’m doing a 2 week cycle with Sust, Winstrol and D-bol.
The Winstrol is in a 10ml vial from Novavet Labs., Stanazol - for animal treatment only on the label. (I thought Stanazol-OL was the generic name). I’m injecting 50mg every day, but the pain following injection is almost unbearable - lasting well into the next two days after injecting. At night I get fevers and sweating, and generally feel very bad… Is this normal?

I believe winstrol is water based. Being as such, it can breed bacteria easier than oil based products. Perhaps, you have a “dirty” bottle. Have you noticed any inflamation or redness around the injection sight?

Dude, you got some bad shit. Stop taking it now. I had a friend get blood poisoning from some mexican shit(brovel). It is not normal to feel pain from injecting Winnie and it sure as shit not normal to have a fever and sweating. Kick the guys ass who sold you that shit.