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Winstrol: Yes or No?


Hello fellas. New to this board, could not find a member introduction section. So I guess I will jump right in. Fairly new to aas, but not completely "green". My question is this:

I have a cycle that I have been getting ready to do, but now I am having second thoughts about part of it.
Cycle was or is Test eth. 500mg/week and Winstrol 50mg/ED (oral).

The debate I am having with myself is that I have been getting feedback on Winstrol not being worth a lick and a waste of time and money to run with Test eth.

Just wondering if there are any thoughts on this from some that have run this cycle or winstrol in general.



What are your age/height/weight/lifting stats?

What are your goals?

Probably pretty obvious in hindsight, but would you actually follow anyone's advice on using these dangerous chemicals if they didn't know the above information?


You have a good point. I am mostly looking for opinions from those that have ran this type of cycle.

weight is about 230# 6-1 bf# around 18%. Goals are lean mass and some size.

I know what the Test does to me and I know what the Winstol does to me. I just don't know how well they work together.

I am in my late 20's and been training recreationaly sense I was 16. In the last 6 months I started to hit it hard and get more serious.