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Winstrol Worries and Fact Check

Hey guys

I’m on day two of my cycle, took a little longer than expected for the test to come in but it arrived safe and sound… I’ve been doing a lot of research on winstrol and I’ve gotten a lot of different information on the same topic so I have a few questions for you guys.

  1. Should I be splitting my 50mg winstrol dose up to 2x a day (25mg/2x day) or is it okay for me to take the full 50mg about 30 mins before my workout daily?

  2. I’ve spent about 3 hours total researching the effects winstrol has on the liver because it is highly hepatotoxic, is it safe to take 1300mg of milk thistle per day or will that severely mess with my androgen receptors? I’ve seen a lot of mixed feelings/reviews on this one.

  3. Do I really need a liver protector that badly while I run this winstrol? I only plan on drinking one time throughout my whole cycle because I stupidly paid $50 for a beer olympics event… didn’t plan this one out well and I’m kicking myself in the ass for it.

  4. My family has a long history of heart disease and from the research I’ve done there is an increase in cholesterol when running Winstrol, should I be concerned with a rise in LDL and also should I be doing more cardio than I normally do because of this?

  5. I am a Semi-Professional baseball player and I had Tommy John surgery when I was 19 and then a SLAP repair of my right labrum when I was 23. I am now 25, and I was saw that Winstrol will severely dry out my ligaments and joints. What is the best way to combat the dryness?

Thanks for the help everyone

winstrol is not needed until and unless you are competing there are much better compounds not harsh like winstrol

  1. Personal choice. Half life is ~9hrs, so all at once pwo is fine.
  2. It’s hepatotoxic, yes, but that’s not the whole story. In short term usage the damage to the liver is real but not necessarily meaningful. Your liver is very resilient. If you abuse orals (meaning large doses over several cycles per year over the course of many years) you can absolutely hurt yourself. But one run at a reasonable dose should not have any serious long term effects.
  3. Yes. TUDCA is recommended. Ditto NAC.
  4. Again, this is a matter of length of use rather than acute effect. People don’t get heart disease because their cholesterol is out of whack for two months when they were in their early 20’s. Winstrol will absolutely mess with cholesterol, but for six weeks your body should be able to handle it.
  5. Good news: ignore answers 1-4, because you should not even come close to winstrol with that kind of history. You are actively trying to do damage to parts of your body that you’ve had surgically repaired. You cannot—I repeat, cannot—combat the effects of winstrol on joints and ligaments with any existing supplement. It (like some other steroids) increases collagen synthesis, which means tendons grow bigger. That’s good, right? Well, not without an equivalent increase in collagen cross-linking integrity. So the tendons grow bigger but more brittle. They have more size but there’s actually a decrease the tensile strength because the basic structural integrity has been compromised. You have a history that screams “stay away from this drug”. Use at your own risk.

Thank you,

I only did about 45 mins of research in regards to strain it puts on tendons and ligaments… I remember reading about collagen synthesis but didn’t exactly understand what it meant and also didn’t know how vital of a piece of information it was in regards to the health. With the tendons and ligaments growing bigger, it makes more sense that they become more brittle, given the fact that the reason I had Tommy John in the first place was because my UCL got so stretched out it eventually tore right in half. I am going to proceed with caution, if I have any indication that I am struggling with it I will stop immediately.

On the other hand, what would you recommend that would be similar to winstrol without the risk of increased collagen synthesis?

Anavar is superior to winstrol in a number of ways, especially for your particular application and history.

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Awesome, I’ll order some tonight. Could it just be replaced in my cycle?

Winstrol is a horrible choice considering your history of arm issues. I am long retired from the game, but winstrol use aggravated some elbow issues I had lingering from being on the bump, which ended in reconstructive surgery.

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I just ordered some anavar… it’s not worth me getting messed up anymore. I’m tired of going under the knife

Make sure that your anavar is really anavar before you take it. Because it’s expensive it gets faked sometimes (although not as much as you’d think). Problem is the fakes are usually just, you guessed it, winstrol plus something else (anecdotally dbol). So get a LabMax test kit and use it. It’s not perfect, but given how much pain winstrol could cause you it’s worth it to have some information before you start taking it.

Dude I’ve only been taking the winstrol for 2 days and my shoulder is so fucking tight it’s ridiculous… riding out the storm until I get the var. I got oxandrolone but I’ll get the LabMax test kit. I’m assuming it’s bought from Amazon?

anavar winstrol semi quantitative test?

I don’t remember the name of it, but if you Google LabMax test kits you’ll see what’s out there. They’re not going to tell you much beyond “yes this pill contains X” or “no it does not contain X” but it’s better than nothing. If you’re ordering from a reputable source then you should be ok. Do your homework on that one first though. It’ll save you some trouble (and money).

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