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Winstrol with Test


when taking winstrol u dont have water weight and u lose more fat. so do u gain less weight then if u just were on say test-e or sustanon or is it that u gain less weight then if u took d-bol with the test?
i guess what im trying to say is by adding winstrol to a cycle of just test will u gain less then if u just stick with the test?


Do not use gear in any way you have no idea what your talking about and do not have the slightest clue about what is going on here. You need more research and even then after this display Im still not quite sure if you should.



never mind I see that you are a experienced fucking idiot with a track record of poorly researched shitty questions.



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When I bend over to tie my shoes I feel like my BP increases when I'm on cycle and I sometimes get light headed if I stand up too quickly

Should I sit down to tie my shoes or spend $199 on this REALLY nice bench that would look nice in my foyer or should I go see my Dr???

Oh..I also heard winny makes you taller. You didn't say how tall you are. Do you wear a helmut during the day? I'd hate to hear you started banging your head in doorways. That shit might affect your cognitive function after awhile