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Winstrol While Injured?

Hi guys, i’ve completed one mini cycle of my 2 on 2 off cycle. Half way through my first cycle i got injured playing football! I twisted my knee turning sharply. It made a loud click and moved some way that it shouldnt!!

I couldnt walk properly for a few days and its still not healed. I can walk fine and i can do my cardio on the bike but i cant run because if i turn sideways it’s still pretty sore!

I was considering running winstrol in my second mini cycle, would this be a bad idea with the injury??

FYI - First mini cycle was Test prop 100mg, mast prop 75mg, tren ace 50mg ED. I loved it, my strength and weight went up, my bodyfat decreased. And my libido was through the roof!!

Anabolics on hand for second cycle are:
Test prop
Mast prop
Tren ace
Oral winstrol

What type of injury is probably the first question… I didn’t see anything specifically mentioned.

The lack of a physio means i’m not sure.
Outside of my left knee just below the knee.


Finally got my physio appointment.

I have bruising of the fibula bone.