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Winstrol V

Looking for some information on Winstrol V

Been lifting for 7 years (took some much needed downtime in '05 and am getting back into it hard in '06) Thinking about doing one cycle of Winstrol to help cut up for the summer and looking for some advice direction.

For a beginner, which one would be best to use? What would be better, pills or needles? and how do you cycle up or down and for how long? Also, would Win really help one cut up nicely if complemented with lifting and cardio? what are the side effects? Thanks in advance for any info/advice

All of that info is already here bro. The number 1 rule of running a cycle is do your own research. THen come to someone with experiance and we’ll help refine what you learned.

Here’s what I will tell you. I don’t like winny and I think it’s a shitty drug. It makes your joints very brittle and just about EVERY single person I’ve ever spoken to about using it mentions some sort of injury either while on it or after coming off. On top of that it’s fairly hepatoxic (hard on the liver). It also messes up your lipid panel pretty quickly.

Anavar (while more expensive) does just about the opposite of all those things above. So in your research you might want to consider looking into both. BTW, yes both compounds will do what you’re looking for in conjunction with good diet, cardio and solid lifting. ANY steroid will as that’s pretty much what the old school bodybuilders used them for, ie. to preserve muscle while getting cut for a show. Even dbol or anadrol if used right will get you looking pretty lean, like I said it’s mostly your diet that plays the major role.

Get back to us with what you find.