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winstrol usage


Guys, I'm in the midst of trying to cut some bodyfat and really trying to improve my cardiovascular conditioning and my strength endurance. I'm using John Davies' Fat to Fire and a good bit(about 5-6 hours a week) of extra physical activity. I'm using Hot-Rox and 4AD-EC, but I have some leftover winstrol from an old cycle(its about 2.5 grams) and I was wondering if 350-700mg/week of winny would really help my goals or if I should save the winny for some other time. Thanks guys.


hey what up winstrol the shit i was only taking 200mg twice aweek and it blew me and also shredded the shit out of me i wasa also stacking it with decca and a little test know and then but shit i would take what you have you can always get more and plus if you take that winny and still do your cardio, you will look super tight


wtf did he just say??? that was possibly the single longest run on sentence in history. actually it is still going there was no period at the end. christ i hope english is not your first language.

anywho, personally i would hold off and save it for a more well thought out cycle.


actually i take that back, his other post was longer...

those are some pretty serious stats by the way. id like to see some pics.


There are some people who dont deserve communication. Get out of my country. I don't see why not, in regards to the winstrol... you have your androgen with the 4ad, might as well throw a little winny on there, make sure you have some clomid too bud.


Squatty, thanks for the help but I have a question for you. I may be showing my ignorance but I thought there was no need for an anti-estrogen while using winny.


there isnt, but when you combine it with 4ad there is. my nips got quite sensitive on a tren/4ad. i have used tren before and after, stacked with winstrol or by itslef and i never had any problems except with the 4ad.


The clomid is not for use as an anti estrogen. Though 4ad might not be very suppressive, winny can shut you down a good bit. Clomid will help you get those levels back post cycle very quickly.


the best part is how he just threw that random comma in at the bottom. where the fuck did that come from?


i think squatty was referring to getting your nuts working once you're done. no, winny does not aromatize therefore no need during.