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Winstrol/Test Cycle Side Effect Concern

Hi I have done a cycle of winstrol that worked amazing and has transformed my body from a bit chubby to a very thin detailed body. A little while after I did a cycle of test containing 10ml of test e 500 which I did .5 Ml’s twice per week and then a 10ml bottle of test e 250 doing 1ml twice a week. I’m on my last week of the test cycle and I realized just within the last few weeks my weight has been changing dramatically. I eat lots of protein foods and I have dropped 13 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

I don’t understand how that could happen seeing as I should probably only be gaining weight but I did not put a crazy ammount of muscle on. It seems like I definitely got more than natural gains but nothing significant. I drank liqpur probably one night per two weeks, I’m worried the winstrol may have messed up my thyroid or something? I do not seem to be losing any more fat nor muscle but not gaining a ton of muscle. If anyone has any suggestions what it may be please post back. No stupid answers please and I thank you in advance this is kind of making me nervous

First step would be getting blood tests to check your TSH levels if you’re concerned with your thyroid function. The blood work will also tell you any other deficiencies you may be experiencing from the cycle.

Glad to hear the cycle worked though!

What does your diet look like

Thank you Ibraga, the winstrol did work absolutely amazing and I definitely look better from the test. As for my diet BUDs, it’s nothing special I eat a lot of high protein chicken and veggies and have a protein shake or two per day. I eat like a monster but stay away from the bad foods

Thank Ibraga , the winstrol especially worked amazing. As for your question buds I do not have a strict diet but I stay away from pop/fast foods and eat eat healthy high protein foods and lots of chicken and veggies. Aimed for 200-250g of protein per day