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Winstrol tabs

I have just gotten 90 tabs of Winstrol (they look like a bunch of squares on a cardboard). The guy who I got the gear from is reputable. I have done buisness with him before. He says it’s From Thailand. Told me to take 3 tabs a day. Can someone tell me what is the best way of taking this oral?

The only tabs I know are Genepharm and they are 2 mg. Taking three of them wont do crap for you unless you are a 100 pound female. If he said to take three a day then they better be atleast 10mg each or else its a waste. If they are 2mg you need more like 300 more. Well good luck I know what its like to be confused.

Put under tongue for a few minutes than swallow,three per day is a good dose stack with andro/norandrosol if no other products are going to be used

how strong are they? 2mg? 5mg? 10mg? 50mg? They could be any one of these. The best way for you to use them will depend on how concentrated the tabs are. Ask your guy if you don’t know.

First off I have no idea why you would order something and not know what it is. If they are little and blue then they are 50 mg tabs. If this is the first time you are taking steroids then I would start off at 1 tab, maybe two. Do not take this for more than 6 weeks as 100-150 mgs of oral steroids MAY do a somedamage to your liver, especially if you drink while on.

If you are going to use oral winstrol you should use Silymarin to protect your liver. The effectiveness of this substance has been acknowledged for centuries, and was originally named Marian Thistle in honor of the Blessed Virgin. It is also known as Milk Thistle and can be obtained at any drug store. You should make sure that the Milk Thistle product you purchase contains at least 80% Silybum Marianum (Silymarin). Definitely include this substance if you drink alcohol.

Sounds like this guy has paperstrol 10 mgs each.