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Winstrol Tabs vs. Injectable

Does anybody know if there is a difference in the efficacy of taking Winstrol tablets versus injecting the same amount of Winstrol (liquid form)Thanks! TenMan

Same substance–both are 17aa. No noticable difference would be observed as far as gains go.

Unless you calculated your half lives perfectly and took the pills at a regular interval throughout the day to ensure your blood levels remained in the therapeutic range you are going to have peaks and valleys in your levels when using the pills. Injectable winstrol contains micro crystals which slowly disolve - almost like timed release so blood levels will remain smoother. The disadvantage however is the ed pokes, which can be particullarly painful if you have a whole lot of other gear to inject as well. So if you are stacking it with a bunch of other drugs I think it would be better to go the oral route.

Generally speaking the injectable will have a longer half life. Also it is approximately 25-50% more bioavailable (don’t quote me on this going from memory.) I will generally start to use the orals if available towards the end of a cycle for faster clearance or as prisoner said if I have a high injection cycle going. In truth though I’ve found that the little blue 50mg winnys from the chinaman kick ass and are dirt cheap so I usually just use them anyway. Unless certain friends go to mexico and bring me back some of the milk… Injecting winny and tren certainly gets the best cuts and vascularity in a very short time.

Macaijah you said “both are 17aa” but my research suggests otherwise.

Just curious but which is true? Why would an injectable depot version need (or want) to be C17 aa? And if it’s not, then the depot version would tend to easier on the liver.

They are both 17AA doesn’t matter whether. To try to answer your second question I imagine its probably a manufacturing decision, but I really don’t know. But that would be my guess.

17 alpha-methyl-5alpha- androstano [3,2-c]pyrazol-17 beta-ol

Bioavailability will be a bit better with injection mainly because there will be no first pass liver degredation. Typically, 95-99% of a 17 alpha alkylated steroid will survive the first pass through the liver. In each pass, the liver will attempt to yank the alkyl group from the substance and disable the compound. Winny is a suspension–it is not dissolved in oil, so a “buildup” at the site of injection doesn’t happen as with steroids dissolved in oil. For convenience, I say drink it. Either way your liver will still get hit (through very mildly).

Yes, both oral and injectable are alkylated. Why?? Because without the alkylation it would NOT be Winstrol anymore, in fact it would be a totally different steroid with actions and effects totally different. Alkylation does not just effect it’s half life. Take a close look at the Dbol and Equipose structure. The look very similar, but of course have very different actions. As far as efficacy goes, Injectable has a bit more effect than the oral due to delivery. I notice more of an effect on 50mgs of injectable as opposed to the same amount of oral. I can take 100mgs of orals a day, but If I take as much Injectable per day…it’s just too much and I start getting bad sides.

Thanks for the insight, guys. I can see I’m gonna need a couple of chem courses to understand this stuff.

Either way, I keep learning.

The wealth of knowledge on this board never ceases to amaze me. Thank guys! Your info. will guide my direction. TenMan