Winstrol Tabs Shaped Like Dog Bones?

Has anyone used or seen winstrol tabs that are white in color and shaped like bones?? They’re suppose to be 50mg tabs

Nope but UGL have their own pill presses. They can shape your orals into anything they want. Do you trust your source?

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No but back in the day I had some sweet ecstasy tablets that were shaped like dog bones.


Wasn’t there a Flinstone’s chewable that was shaped like a dog bone?

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Winstrol is prescribed to animals including dogs but I doubt a big pharma for vets would make pills with bones on. Think it’s mostly injection.

UGL get from raw to pills, liquids. They usually make “stamp” or “brand” so when it’s good people remember to look out for those “bone shaped pills” this is common with ecstasy/MDMA.

Do you trust the source that’s it’s not bunk ecstasy (that’s really ephedrine or bzp) they are moving onto gym rats? I didn’t see any information on ecstasy data or pill reports which is a good thing.

If you know how Winstrol tastes that will help. I’ve never tasted Winstrol so can’t help you.

It’s either a dog dose or a good one haha.

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I do not personally know the source. It’s a friend of a friend that gets it, he claims it is pressed in that form to help pass through customs

a blue smurf for me (circa 1999-2000)


Blhaws initial response makes perfect sense and that would’ve been the end of it . . . . but then “it is pressed in that form to help pass through customs” . . . thats an alarm bell right there.

No UGL guy would take prepared pills thru customs, they just order raw powder, get it delivered, then make their own pills up from that using whatever they need to deliver a sensible dose rate.

So why give you a reason thats just plain wrong ?

Love those double stuffed oreos

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I got arimidex and nolva in the shape of white dog bones with a line down the middle. a certain source press them this way to get me through customs. It’s legit if it’s coming from where I think it is.