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Winstrol, Suggestions/Warnings?

Just wondering I have considered going on Winstrol. Does anyone have any suggestions or warnings for me to consider. I have read into the product a lot but I just wanted to hear what others had to say

why winny?

I was able to get it real cheap from a friend at the gym and he said that it would help me lose weight and maintain muscle with no side effects

Examples of real life experiences would be good as well. I would love to see what people think of winstrol only cycles or what experience they have had.

I too would be very interested to see what anyone who has ran winny alone has to say…

There was a thread on http://www.elitefitness.com I can’t find it now… but he did a 12 week winny only cycle, and it worked out ok for him…

What is your stats and cycle history??

Truth be told… I think if you are consistent… and use a bit of ANY juice to maintain muscle… it’ll work… depending on your goals, cycle history etc…

You sound new to this… and could likely do it naturally…

yeah i am new to this. I am not new to working out i rowed in highschool but quit and gained some weight and have managed to weight train and diet from 260 down to 230 last year and now am looking to go from 230 down to 200 to maintain. I was told that i should do it just to maintain my muscle as i go down in weight.

Is this wrong? any suggestions would be great as I am 22 and still a complete nube to most of this

For sure it would help you maintain muscle while dieting down… no doubt… 50mg ED or even EOD would be fine… but the difference would me marginal… just using Winny… IMO at least…

I know CHICKS who run winny only cycles. But I’ve never met a guy who has.

If your going to run a cutting cycle, doing it was gear off that bat is not a good idea. I would diet down naturally first to a point where you are comfortable. you wont lose too much muscle mass unless you try and get down to competition level.

I would get ECA/Clen and a good meal plan. You’ll get way more out of it. Even in your second year of training your body is still adapting. If you can’t diet down to 200 without drugs, you wont do it with.

my 2cc


I know decent sized guys that have run winny only.

it gives a decent strength boost, nice endurance, hardness and some pump.

Its not dramatic but its very dry and sustainable gains, even if it is only a few pounds.

Winny is cheap so its not a big waste, but test is cheap too, why not just stack them.

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And how do you stack them, what would you recommend? I’m on Trt 150/mg a week and want to do a cut with winstrol. But really have no clue on how to do it