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Winstrol, Sostenon 250 Cycle, Maybe Boldenone


Hi Experts!

im kind on a newbie looking to run a cicle of Winstrol, Sostenon 250 and thinking of maybe adding Boldenone.

I have training really hard for the last 2 years... i was super obese! 310 lbs with 5'11.

Now im 205 lbs but i feel i need a push to get to the next level.

Not looking to have a bodybuilding shape i more looking to that fitness shape.

I need recommendation of for how long i should run this cicle or if there is any other thing to get that ripped look.

Sorry if i sound newbie


where are you from




diet is how you lose weight big guy, not gear, and sustanon alone will help u tremendously if your diet is high protein and carbs and fat are low


You don't need steroids to look fit and good job on the weight loss so far. Before you even consider steroids I would get a physical/full blood panel done to see how healthy you are currently. Steroids are not something you want to be doing if you're already not healthy in my opinion. As always its your body so it is your call in the end; this is just my personal opinion.

My advice is get used to gaining muscle in a clean manner now assuming your weight loss is complete. Give that another year or 2 and you're likely to have your "fit" look. You're also likely to realize your current opinion of fit will be what you consider a skinny pussy by that time.




good advice


thanks! a lot!