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Winstrol, Primobolan Depot, Masteron Enanthate Stack


Hello respected comrades,

I'd appreciate it if you would help me with advice on how best to combine those:
1 - Winstrol 50 mg/tab
2 - Primobolan depot 100mg / ml
3 - Masteron enanthate (Drostanolone Enanthate) 200 mg/ml

This is planned to be a short cycle intended for one professional athlete with the main objective of fat burning and hardening phisique. This athlete has a long history of training and a highly developed athletic ability but, I think, he has a very short experience in using any chemical enhancements.
And, off course, proper nutrition, precision training is absolutely understood at this level).

Maybe Masteron, and Winstrol immediately in the beginning of the cycle and Primo in the middle of the short cycle and then end up (last 2 weeks) with Winstrol only?

Thank you in advance on your esteemed advice


Add test prop at a minimum of 200mg a week


Ditto on the addition of test prop, throughout the cycle .You need some highly androgenic testosterone to maintain libido, sexual health.
How long is this short cycle?
Is the athlete going to be tested?
Also if he is inexperienced with steroids its not a good idea to stack or try so many new substances at the same time. Say he starts getting headaches, or some other negative side, it will be difficult to work out which substance is the cause.


Not to mention most primo is fake anyways. Also AI and HCG should be used I'de recommend

50mg Prop EOD 1-8
50mg Mast EOD 1-8
50mg winny ED 4-8
Adex .5 starting at E3D
HCG 250iu E3D 1-8
Nolva 20mg ED 2 days after last pin for 6 weeks

And boom your hard as a rock. Given diet and training are in 100% complete check


Cycle is planed to continue 7 weeks.
There's a chance that he will be tested but he decided to risk....that's his decision.


Thanks for answering Ross. You really think that Adex will be really necessary with those non aromatizing compounds?


Even if your running Low dose Prop. Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't really run those other compounds by themselves


And even if you got legit primo, it wouldn't be worth the expense for only 7 weeks. IMO.