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Winstrol / Primo mix ?

I am about to go onto a cycle of winstrol depot and primobolan depot and will be injecting the winstrol at 50mg/day as I heard this gave better results. My question is can the primo be mixed with the winstrol in the needle so as to avoid 2 injections on a primo day which would be every other day. Thanks!

Yes, those preparations can be mixed.
Personally however I would rather make
two 1 cc injections with a 29 gauge than
one 2 cc injection with a 25 gauge (let
alone with a 21 or 23 gauge, which is simply abusive.)

Bill, is that a good cycle for primo and winstrol? I didn’t realize primo should be injected so frequently. Is 200 mg primo taken mon/thur and 50 mg winstrol mon-sat a viable option? (total= 400+300= 700 mg/week).
Clomid and HCG will be applied as per your articles, Is there any other product that you would suggest to optimize this cycle?

Twice a week is sufficent for Primo, and
every other day is sufficient for Winstrol.
However, personally I’d rather do 1 cc every
day than 2 cc every other day, but tastes
may vary there.

The cycle would certainly be more effective
and still safe with more Primo, up to a
gram per week (yes, it’s unfairly expensive
and also a large total injection volume.)
400 mg/week is pretty mild and the AR-receptor
mediated anabolism is going to be going
reasonably well but significantly off the
maximum you might get. While 1 gram of Primo
plus 350 mg of Winstrol sounds like it’s
over the 1 gram recommended reasonable amount
for a serious but not competing recreational
user, Primo is mild enough, and the stack
is mild enough that it’s still reasonable.

If that much Primo would break the bank you
could use some Deca to fill out the Class I
activity. 400 mg/week of Primo plus 200-400
mg/week of Deca gives you plenty of Class I

However, let me stress, I’ve consulted a lot
of users who have done the exact cycle you’re
talking about, 400 mg/week of Primo and
350 mg/week of Winstrol (injection scheduled
divided through the week as discussed) and
all have been very happy with it (none of
course were striving for utter maximum rate
of mass gain but were rather looking for cycle
that gave very good gains while being quite
mild.) One certainly
doesn’t NEED to add more unless already pretty
well beyond natural limits already.