Winstrol Powder

I just got a hold of some winstrol powder for oral use, and need some help with ingestion. I’ve never used one of these new powders before(supposively they are the new thing), and am not really sure what to make of it. My contact says I should mix it with alcohol or Prop G, but how? I could just weigh it out into 100mg doses right? Now do I have to put it in capsules, or can I mix it with a protein shake? Again, I’m new to the powder thing, so I don’t really know what I’m doing.

There are four problems with the idea of
weighing out 100 mg doses:

  1. Would require a balance which you probably
    don’t have,

  2. Would be time consuming and a pain,

  3. Storing all these separate doses would be
    a pain, and

  4. You don’t want to take a 100 mg dose anyway.
    If you want to take 100 mg/day orally, the
    way to do it would be four doses of 25 mg,
    or five of 20 mg.

An advantage of dissolving into liquid is
that liquid is much easier to measure out,
and you don’t have to weigh anything,
assuming you know how many grams you have
to start with.

For example, suppose you have five grams,
and want to make a 10 mg/mL solution in
190 proof alcohol. In this case, five grams
is equal to 500 times 10 mg, so you need
500 mL of alcohol, or half a liter. You
might be able to buy an amount of alcohol
equaling this or quite near it (if near
it, then redo the calculation for how much
to meter out at a time.)

Now, let’s say you want to take 20 mg at
a time. So you need 2 mL per dose. This
is easily metered out with a syringe, and
can be added to any liquid beverage.

BTW, the amount of alcohol consumed is
trivial: 30 mL is “one shot.”

Mix it with 100ml of alcohol or prop g…that should leave a concentration of 50mg/ml…then you just have to measure out your dosage that way…I like the idea of using an EMPTY old androsol bottle because I think that 7 sprays = 1ml or you can figure 7mg of powder/spray…obviously you would spray it in your mouth not on your skin and I am not advocating the oral ingestion of androsol

Yea, powders are the new thing. They’re of good quality and VERY CHEAP! You can mix it with Prop G and drink it, works fine. But remember you do not want to take 100g per day in one dose. You need to do some more research on using Winstrol. It needs to be taken in divided doses throughout the day. It’s half life is about 7-9 hours. So either take it in capsule form or Prog G form every 4 hours or so, that way you get 4-5 doses/day and keep blood levels up!

Just take 100ml of prop g or even water and mix
in the entire 5 grams. This will give you 50mg/ml concentration. Go to your local pharmacy and purchase one of those children medicine droppers or syringes that measure in ml. If you want to take 50mg/day just suck up 1ml and shoot it down your gullet. Better yet, shoot 1/4ml 4x per day.

The easiest way i’ve found is to simply add the powder to alcohol (I use Everclear. For example: if you add 5g powder to 100ml of everclear you end up with a solution of 50mg/ml. i just use a syringe minus the pin and suck up whatever dosage I want and down the hatch. Easy, quick, and painless!

Bill, I know in the past you have said that steroids are very stable drugs but will mixing them in alcohol effect the shelf life at all(Anadrol or winstrol)? Will it still be good in two years?

Actually, the concentration would be less than 50mg/mL if you added 5g to 100mL. You need to acount for the volume of the powder. Add PPG to the powder in a volumetric flask or graduated cylinder (an accurate measuring cup MIGHT work) and fill about half way. Mix the powder into solution by swirling the flask or other method. Then fill the rest of the PPG up to the 100mL line. There may not be much of a difference, the powder may take up about 1mL/g, but I am a stickler for accuracy.