Winstrol PCT

this may be a dumb question, but i was wondering if winstrol could be used during a post cycle to help with an easier transition from getting off a cycle. winstrol has low hpta suppression so it could keep your test levels high while enabling your natural test to come back. or is winstrols suppression enough to keep your natural test down?

this is the stuff i think about while im bored at classes XD

well, Dylan, you could use winstrol at the end of an injectable cycle to keep an active, fast clearing androgen in your body while you wait for the levels of your injectables to drop down below baseline. Sounds like a pretty decent idea doesn’t it?

winstrol is still pretty suppressive. if you are going to use something like that you are better off going with proviron. it works pretty similarly but less suppressive. lots of people use it in the latter half of a test cycle and run it through PCT.

When using a conventional PCT I would use an oral like dbol during the waiting phase before I would start taking my nolv. I don’t know for sure if it shut me down anymore after 12 weeks of high test doses but I do know that I was able to keep making gains during the waiting time. When I did start my PCT I obviously quick taking the dbol several days before and my system was then clear of all drugs.

Not trying to highjack a thread but which drug has the best SHBG affinity? Winstrol/Masteron/Proviron

cool thanks for the answeres, time to do some research on proviron