Winstrol-Oral vs. Injectable

Hypothetically speaking if a person had access to oral winstrol tabs and injectable winstrol both from Organon which one would be used to gain the most strength and mass? Orals used at 50 mgs per day-5 divided doses- versus injectable at 100 mgs (2cc’s) every other day. Again straight from the manufacturer-using this cycle for 6 weeks–Thanks

Personally I would inject but I have not proven gains are more per milligram that way. Most people think so.

Bill, does it matter that injectable winstrol is made for vet. purposes and the tabs are made for humans? or do I have this all wrong? I just am caught up on which to get, the injectable or orals–the injectable being 50 dollars cheaper than a similar amount of orals. thanks

I have only used the Zambon injectable which is made for human use. There have been some comments about some other injectables being underdosed but I don’t know for myself if that is correct. It is true that Mexican vet products are not deserving of the highest consumer confidence.

Bill–i have a pick between organon injectable-50 ml-$450–or organon tabs–1000 for $500. I know for a fact that both are from the factory directly because my source is the owner of a pharmacutical supply company and he is one of my best friends and Ive know him my whole life so i trust him fully. I would appreciate your opinion. thanks Bill

The price per mg is almost the same. During the cycle, I’d rather use the injectable… the orals though are handy because you can use them morning-only while being mostly clean and keeping natural testosterone production, or in your recovery phase, and also I like to take them on occasion if my libido isn’t particularly high but a big
night is planned – Winstrol is quite good for that. So is injectable Winstrol but it’s longer acting of course and
to get levels up if you haven’t been using it, you need about four amps… in that situation I’d rather just take 20 mg or so orally.

Are the AM dosing guidlines for winny tabs the same as d-bol? i.e., I could take a total of around 25 mg in 3 doses before noon and not get suppression? Or would such a low dose not even sufficiently compensate for any suppression of natural T?

You don’t get significant inhibition with the morning only dosing. Actually I and clients have only done it 2 doses, not three: on arising and 4 hours later, or noon. You don’t get big gains, because I suppose of it not being in your system much of the time, but it’s a noticeable improvement over being completely natural.

Also I would be surprised if you couldn’t get away with 40 or 50 mg morning-only without significant suppression, not just 25 mg.

I feal sorry for you guys in the US ,with winny at that price its a joke ,fortunatly were i live a 50ml bottle sells for $150us ,which is why its so popular over here.

Bill, I just want to know if vet. winny is bad for the human body because it wasnt made specifically for the human body–I think Organon winny is vetenary. So I will get the injectable if it is safe and the gains are just as good or better than the orals. i originally wanted orals just because they were made for human consumption. Thanks bill- i appreciate it

L-Nat you bastard! A VERY mild 8 week cycle costing over half a grand…Only in America! Time to move to Istanbull…

From a reputable manufacturer, veterinary drugs are high quality and are safe to use… and stanozolol is the exact same molecule regardless of whether it is “intended” for man or beast. But, there are Mexican veterinary manufacturers who have low quality standards (if any standards) and so there can be cause for concern there.

Brock would be a better guy to ask, but I should think that with Organon you are okay.