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Winstrol: Oral or Injection?

would it be in my best intrest to use injected or oral winstrol? The fact that the injectable stuff doesn’t stay in solution is my reason for concern.

I would advise you to try another aas unless you’re approaching a contest.
Anavar is a good substitute.


Primo if you can afford it. winstrol will kill your joints. or as MK stated anavar.

You have to shake it the injectable soulution up when it separates. The reason it separates is because it is a water based solution.

MK & snipe are right. Anavar is a better option unless you are bent on using injectables and Winstrol is no good for your joints. Anavar is actually one of the safest AAS you can use.

But if you do choose to use the winstrol over the anavar, the injectable is better. You will see more strength gains for sure. But be aware of its half-life because you will have to inject often.


Dependson your goals. Everyone responds a little differently. Winny is, In my opinion, the absolute, hands down, best for helping to lean out and harden up. Combined, of course, with vigorous workouts and good nutrition.