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Winstrol Oral Only Cycle


A friend is on winstrol tabs every day, after 3 weeks he appears to be enjoying some good results, his arms are looking great.

Is there any problems with a winstrol only cycle?

As far as I can research Winstrol does not require PCT, is this OK?

(it is a friend doing this honest!).



Is this the ultimate flaming?, getting no replies! damn I thought I might get at least one


Why do you think no PCT is required?


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OK what about a cycle of winstrol only via IM?

with a PCT in place. After further research I appreciste the need for PCT for a winstrol only cycle


The HPTA and natural test production are not supressed that much by Winny in a short cycle, so IMO no PCT is required.

I completely agree with Bushy on the whole 'oral only' route. The money you spend on orals are not reflected in the gains you attain. Get some test in you ;-D



Thanks, I am going to do a 12 week sus/deca/dbol cycle with arimidex and nolva for PCT.

I was considering doing the winstrol only cycle afterwards to cut up, also my friend who wants to try this has a BF of 20% and thats why he wants to do the winstrol only cycle to try to loose some BF


the cycle you just laid out will have different effects than a winstrol only one. what exactly are your goals? lay the cycle out for us and we can help you more. Personally, if i was to do an oral -only deal it would be either OT or Anavar, not winstrol. but thats just me


Not saying this sarcastically, but I'm going to keep my eye on this one as I do with everyone who tries winny as a standalone, or at the end of a cycle or even at all for that matter. How are your joints/have you ever had any injuries from lifting ie. rotator cuff issues, sprained wrists, ect.? Winny definitely has a tendency to cause brittle tendons and ligaments = injuries while on or after one is off.

I've seen/heard of this happening many times and I like to keep a tally. SOO if you do use it lmk if you hurt yourself LOL, I'm kidding...just kidding....well sort of. BTW, you're not going to get flamed but I will say that you're kind of lame. You know it.


Can I just point out that as I originally stated it is my friend that is doing a winstrol only cycle at the moment and I have posted more out of concern for him than anything else, but I was interested in doing a winnie only cycle IF, my research and you guys on here said that this is an OK thing to do.

So anyway, I will never do a winstrol only cycle, you guys have convinced me not to do that, i will also show my friend your advice, and the research I have found regarding needing a PCT

My first cycle I am planning is this:

WEEK 1-3 DBOL 25mgs ED
WEEK 1-12 SUSTANON 500 ml (2 x 250)
WEEK 1-10 DECCA 200ml
WEEK 1-12 ARIMIDEX 0.5 mls EOD

still open to suggestions though


When I read these things sometimes, I just want to bash my head into a wall.

Why for a first cycle would you run a stack of three different things? You don't know how you are going to react to any of them. Do you know what your test levels are? If they are low have you given any thought to a test only cycle? How old are you and how long have you trained?

Why use steriods? Are you sure you have your nutrition and training dialed in to get the optimal results?

What are your long term goals? Are you going to be doing this 2 years from now? 5? 10?


Just because it is my first cycle why do you assume that I am young, and that I doont train, and that I have a bad diet?

I am 30

I have trained for years

And my diet is tip top


No, I am asking because you are asking for advice on a drug cycle without listing specifics about you and your training.

Hows your bloodwork?

Why sust 250 over test E or C?

I honestly don't think there is any reason whatsoever to do anything but test for a first cycle.


I hace devised this cycle due to 6 months research and a colaboration of lots of advice from juicers Like I say im still open to suggestions and I am only planning this cycle so far.

The reason I have sus on there is because thats what I was initially advised that a sus/deca cycle was good, I know realise there are better combinations, but is the sus so bad I should throw ?80 worth down the drain?

Also I added the Dbol as I was advised by numerous people to do this to give the cycle an initial boost.

I respect your feedback and appreciate your input cheers


ok the avatar got me there eals!shwing!!!!



I'm a little spaced right now but what if he does have low test levels?

All the other questions are very legit and would be nice to know. In all honesty it would be great if everyone knew to answer these questions up front, buuut they don't. I can see why you dont'like to post often NY:-)

BTW, sorry for the slight misenterpretation (sp???) in the first place bro. I thought you where doing the whole "I have a friend" cover meaning it was you.




IMHO, oral only cycles do have their uses. It all depends on what constitutes anabolic "success".

You never know what body type you have: some folks blow up on dbol only; others need to combine orals and injectables; some can only respond to injectables.

There is nothing wrong with trying or experimenting, as long as your expectations are tempered with reason.

If you want to try the oral only route, go ahead.


Do you know if we can divide the amount of stanozolol (40mg example) into just twice per day, morning and evening (it is more practical than to bring the amount to work)?

Stanozolol oral is active how long?


Not that I am for an Stanozolol only cycle, but if your friend made good gains, then why let someone posting here talk you out of it? I do not think that much pct would be needed.

Anyway onto your planned cycle.

Regarding the D-Bol; I think that 3 weeks (probably 20 days) at 25mg is very sensible and will be very noticable, I always see recommendations of 50mg which is too much. 25mg is perfect in my opinion for your purpose.

The Sustanon would be better off injected every other day at .6ml (which is 150mg eod) or switch to Cypionate 1ml twice a week (Monday and Thursay for example)

Why the Deca, especially on a first cycle? You will not notice what it does to you compared to the Test. Add to that the fact that it will make recovery harder and risk more sides than the test and I'm left wandering why for a first cycle?

The Arimidex would be better off at .5mg every day unless you add something like Proviron, then .5mg eod would probably be fine. .5mg every other day might be fine, but PLAN on .5mg ed.

Taper off the nolvadex.

Make sure that you can spend the time and money on training and food before you start.