Winstrol or Anavar?

I’m looking to get some strength gains, while maintaining my weight. I’d also like a boost in athletic performance. Which of these two would you guys recommend?

I was thinking of taking either 20-30mg Anavar or 40-50mg Winstrol. Or maybe I could stack both at smaller dosages each?

Any Ideas???

Just to warn you your going to get told to do some research…

You dont sound like you’ve done your homework so my advice is to go and start reading some articles and the steroid newbie thread. Get educated on the subject and then ask educated questions. Not bashing you at all man just telling you what the vets on here are going to say if they reply at all. Goodluck!!

Thanks for the reply. I’m not “totally” new to steroids, just to the oral kind. To be honest I didn’t expect a reply as it seems if you don’t ask a question sounding like a scientist, you don’t get a response. BTW, I did look at that thread but didn’t really find any comparisons of the two. Cheers!

stack both - anavar around 40, winny around 75 (oral) per day.