Winstrol or Anavar

Do you prefer winstrol or anavar?
I can get real anavar lab tested but never tried. I tried winstrol and the only real side effects I got was being really tired some days where I only had the energy to hit the gym and work, that was it. Crazy pump and got very vascular on winstrol but how is anavar compared to winstrol? I know people avoid winstrol because of the joint pain but I don’t seem to get any joint pain off of it

Milligram for milligram, if I had to choose one for the best muscle building results I would take Winstrol. But I would like to take no more than 20mg/day.

Also, I would stack it with 200mg/wk of testosterone.

And I would try one cycle with both Anavar and Winstrol (stacked with 200mg/wk testosterone)

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I preffer winstrol but i like em both.
Provided there is also test included and another injectable, if id have to pick one id go winny for 50-75mgs a day.
I also like 50mgs winny with 30-50mgs of var if lean already.

I would never take orals with test and no other injectable. I hope that you understand that orals solo is even more dumb, so i wont get into that.

First go with Winny was horrible, lots of acne. Have several great cycles with Var tho. Tried inject Winny once and it was pretty painful so I stopped after a week.

I never take orals without a test base ! But thanks for your opinion and will maybe take both or just var to see how my body reacts

Actually same , I got a lot of chest acne and ever since I stopped winny my chest acne is going away. How did you like var? What was your dosages and did you take it twice a day?

Haven’t tried winny. I’ve tried var and tbol though. Like tbol better. Really with both of them I didn’t get negative sides that were perceivable. Var I honestly couldn’t perceive any positive impact. Tbol I felt like I had an extra rep or two that I wouldn’t have had before. Var was dosed at 50 mg per day. Tbol 40 mg per day.

I’m uncertain of the quality of the var, so there’s that.

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I’ve run var twice, and definitely have considered Tbol for future use. How many weeks do you personally typically run Tbol for?

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I ran it twice in a longer blast. IIRC, I did 4 weeks in the beginning of the blast, and 5 or 6 to finish it off.

I could feel a performance boost on it. Didn’t notice a ton of size. Maybe a bit more vascular though.