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Winstrol Only Cycle


Hey guys, I'm planning on running a short winstrol only cycle. I know a lot of guys on here don't agree with that, but I'd like to try it. This will be my first cycle. I chose winstrol because I've read that it is good for strength gains, which is all I am looking for. Any body recomposition changes would just be gravy for me.

Some stats: I'm 23, been training for about 5 years. Currently sitting around 160-165 lbs at about 10% bf at 5'6. As I said, strength is my main focus and is all I'm hoping to gain from this cycle. My lifts are 445 squat (high bar, full squat), 315 bench, 510 deadlift.

Here's the cycle I was thinking:
Wk 1- winstrol 50 mg/day
Wk 2- winstrol 50mg/day
Wk 3- winstrol 50mg/day
Wk 4- clomiphene 100mg/day
Wk 5- clomiphene 100mg/day
Wk 6- clomiphene 50mg/day
Wk 7- clomiphene 50mg/day

Since winstrol can't aromatize I should be fine without an AI right? Also is clomiphene by itself enough for PCT? And do I have it dosed appropriately? I was also thinking because the half life of winstrol is pretty short I could just start the PCT the next day, or maybe just wait like a day or two. I could also add milk thistle if anyone thinks I should, though I'm not sure it would be necessary because the cycle is so short.

So what do you guys think? Is it a load of crap or could it help me gain some strength in such a short period of time? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate any feedback.


The winstrol will be split into 5 daily doses.


Oral-only cycles are dumb, that is the advice you will almost always get here. You just can't take enough for good, lasting gains without trashing your liver. Three weeks on anything is so short. For a first cycle you are much better off with test-only, or perhaps test stacked with an oral. Keep it simple.


Sounds like the gayest shit in the fuckin' world..

Inject, or stay away from steroids.




My advice would be for any ones first cycle to be test only. That aside, go for it. It's not gonna hurt anything and its the only way you will know whether or not it works for you.


I think winstrol only, especially just oral is a waste of money. Like others have said, first cycle really needs to be a tester to see how you react. Injections is definitely the way forward with a simple 10-12 week test only cycle. Maybe even throw some deca in there for good measure...

Anyway, its better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.


I don't want to increase bodyweight to any significant degree, I just want to get stronger. Won't a 10 week test only cycle put on a pretty good amount of weight, especially on someone as light as m


Is the PCT I listed alright for this cycle? With no AI on cycle or anything.


Depends on your diet and training. You will also want to get an AI.

The pct should suffice yes..


Depends on your diet. You can lose weight on test depending on how you eat.

I've done 6 weeks of winstrol @ 50mg and it really sucked. The strength gains were barely noticeable and I still ended up being shut down. Overall a waste of time and money.


If I were to run a short test only cycle, what would you guys recommend as far as dosages, ancillary stuff, and PCT?

Maybe like a 6 week cycle, with anastrozole run concurrently and clomipehene for PCT?


people get mad when they are told oral only cycles suck. but there is a reason to that, others before you have tried it, and yes they do suck. not to say people haven't benefited from them, but it makes a lot more sense to do a proper cycle, and for that you should read this:


if strenght is main concern here y take winny remember winny dries the shit out of your joints so in the long run u may not be able to throw the type of weight around that u want cuz elbows knee ect ect will be killing u plus after the orals pass through your system ur does if i remember correctly is only about 32.5 mgs per day, also with no test in your system u r gonna shut yourself down

  • sorry ment dose not does


I would reccomend no shorter and no longer than an 8 week cycle.

weeks 1-8

test prop 70-100mg ED
adex .5mg EOD

weeks 1-5
oral of choice dosed appropriately. (50mg dbol/80-100mg tbol/50-100mg winstrol etc..)

3 days after last injection pct Nolva 40/40/20/20 (I prefer nolva as clomid left me feeling very emotional).


Not many people can make significant PERMANENT strenght gains without adding muscle. Steroids or not.

Unless you have a powerlifting meet at the end of your winstrl cycle it's a dumb plan. Even if you do hav a meet, there are far better drugs to use to prepare for it.


Listen to these people man... Winstrol only is far from ideal.


The test prop can be run by itself too right, without the oral I mean? I am a bit strapped for cash.


yes test, is test ,regardless of ester