Winstrol Myth?

I was wondering if there was any first hand knowledge that winny supposedly makes tendons and connective tissues weak or brittle?!? Can anyone debunk this or is it valid?

It is a demonstrated medical fact that anabolic steroids can change the structure of tendons. Whether Winstrol is worse than others for this, I don’t know.

Perhaps this is another of the reasons why it is a good idea in general to be “off” at least as much time as one is “on.”

In practice, in bb’ing this does not seem a severe problem.

im 34 and play soccer on a couple of adult teams. taking test prop/ tren ace right now. was thinking of test prop/ winny when the tren runs out. good idea?

I think the more appropriate question is to first ask why it is you want to use stanozolol.

As an aside, you can play soccer regularly while using tren? You must be one of those rare individuals who does not suffer from tren’s notorious cardiovascular side effect. I am pretty much unable to job more than a few minutes within the first couple of days of beginning tren. I cannot even imagine the hell that playing a full game or practice session of soccer would be like.

I guess I am lucky in that respect but I’m not pumping huge doses of anything currently. 50mg of test prop and 40mg of tren ace ED is no bother to me and cardio. I ride my bike 10 miles a day each way to work, play on 5 different soccer teams (dont sub and play center middie), and also still play lacrosse once a week.

I have gained a bit of muscle from the tren/test and I want to drop more BF. Plus I’m just curious as to how the winny will effect me. Life is about trying lol-just dont need to snap an ankle.

I would say this:

Testosterone in dosages above ~200 is known to be negative to Tendon Strength. I believe although am not certain, that Tren is pro-tendon strength - but whether either is true is kind of academic when it come to you; Any tendon (etc) based issues from high androgen use are usually a result of years of use coupled with training to directly strengthen, enlarge and tighten the muscles beyond genetic limitations, placing enormous stresses on the connective tissues… which COUPLED with a reduced collagen synthesis can lead to tendon tears when lifting the enormous weights needed for max size and strength. So i highly doubt that you will have any issue at all.

You are running just 350mg Test and 280mg Tren a week… this is a great performance based cycle (BB dosages just simply are not needed nor advised for ‘performance’ enhancement over ‘physique’ enhancement.

What exactly is the reason you decided to start doping? Performance or physique or a little of both? I can not see any benefit Stanazolol would have over your current choices TBH… whether that is for Performance or otherwise.

As Cortes said, the question isn’t if, it is why? Why do you use AAS and why did Stanazolol pique your interest?


I still want muscle and strength, but playing sports and looking good are just as high on my list. So you are saying you have to be a BB or powerlifter to use gear? I wanted the strength and cutting properties of winny and wanted to give it a try. I have just heard winny is especially hard on tendons and wanted to see if its a myth or not.

My ideal physique and yours may differ greatly. I was at a point that I need to add some extra help. I just heard that winny was extra hard on tendons and wanted to know if this was true or just a myth. I like the strength and cutting properties that winny supposedly has.

Use at levels such as yours, if cycled appropriately – not more than 6 weeks “on” and at least as many off weeks per year as on weeks – is not known to cause problems such as you are concerned about.

thanks. sorry for the tripple post-CPU issues at work.

Brook you are assuming I dont lift is that why you are questioning my choice for AAS?

[quote]imguy1010 wrote:
I still want muscle and strength, but playing sports and looking good are just as high on my list. So you are saying you have to be a BB or powerlifter to use gear? I wanted the strength and cutting properties of winny and wanted to give it a try. I have just heard winny is especially hard on tendons and wanted to see if its a myth or not.[/quote]

Drop the attitude or i will drop the advice.

I was NOT saying you need to be a BB or PL to use AAS. I even complimented your cycle for sporting endeavours… (clearly not the cycle of a behemoth) plus you do a hell of a lot of ‘other’ (other than weights) activities leaving less time for weights - a BB or Pl often only has time for weights, eating and recovery, some do a martial art on top but that is fairly rare. When you do train, you are not going to have the recovery to train like many BB/PL do - so you wont have the physique.

It isn’t an assumption, it is an observation based on what little info i got from your posts.

I am not assuming you don’t train - this is a bodybuilding and fitness website, i assume you do, just not like a bodybuilder. I was correctly assuming you train for sports.
When i say ‘physique enhancement’, rather close-mindedly as the type of trainer i am, i mean those who are looking to enhance or train to enhance their physique primarily… BB, Fitness modelling, hardcore training, whatever - ‘performance enhancement’ in my mind covers sports and strength. This is how i think.
Of course you can play sports, look good AND use steroids… but i know that you 1) wont have the recovery to be squatting 4-500lb or deadlifting 5-600lbs regularly any-time soon, 2) you don’t have the time nor goals to warrant eating 5000cals+ to support such training, 3) you have no desire to be lifting that weight for your own goals, and 4) you have not been using steroids long enough for the tendon issues to be of much concern.

Back to the point i made in my post as it is relevant to the lifestyle you painted a picture of in your previous post - steroids (such as Testosterone AND Stanazolol) that can and do cause issue with tendon strength only really do so with advanced users because they lift very heavy poundages on a regular basis and use the drugs for years.

Is this you? Thought not. It is legitimate to ask why you are enquiring about Winstrol when you don’t fucking mention you lift a single weight in your post - don’t blame me for working with what little info you decide to give, ya ungrateful little twat.
You want the cutting and strength of Winstrol even at the risk of your tendons, when the ‘cutting’ and strength gains from Tren is much better AND there is less risk to the tendons?
I believe i touched on that point also, which you clearly missed.

yes i am very new to gear and use this site to “learn”. i have books and all that fun stuff as well as my source guy, but its always nice to hear differeing opinions.

i understand that you all deal with plenty of morons with some of the fucking dumbest questions in the world and i feel sorry for you guys sometimes with having to answer that shit. however i didnt have an attitude and merely asked a question. you have positioned yourself as an expert on this site and i appreciate your imput-but i also dont need your attitude nor name calling. that doesnt get anyone anywhere.

so back to OP- since i am very new to gear i really dont have to worry that much apparently. i already have the winny and only have my little bit of tren left-since i am in cycle and was concerned about this myth i thought id ask about experiences with this.


Here is the fact. A lot of people overtrain when using PED, which leads to injury. I use to do that too, and got too strong to fast, training with too much volume compared to normal, which ultimately resulted in injury. SO here is my advise. You take PED to accerlerate growth, you can handle more volume and weight, sure, but don’t destroy your body by doing endless sets. Your engery will be wasted on recovery, and repairing damaged tissue.

I ususally just add a little bit of weight, and pump out a couple of extra reps every sets, but I don’t add more sets /excercises. But I do train more fequently, instead of weekly rotation of body parts, I train them every 4 days. It works wonders for me.
Heck, my friend said he can feel his joint tigthen up with winstrol when he is dieting, but no problem. He switches to hammer strength machines, and do 4 sets of 15 reps, instead of 5 sets of 5 with free weights. I know sprinters that use winstrol during pre-contest, they extend warm up period, and train with less volume. Train smarter, and listen to your body.