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Winstrol Lowers Sex Drive?

I’ve been on my first test e cycle (500mg/week) for about 8 weeks now. I’m 37 yrs old, 20 yrs training experience.

So around week 6 I decided to add some winstrol (40mg a day) to reduce the bloat and increase strength without size. I do parkour so I wanted to improve my jumps etc

My training ability after adding Winstrol has been tremendous. I feel unstoppable (with a few joint pains here and there)! My libido however has gone down considerably, it took me by surprise!

My question is, could this be due to the Winstrol? Or maybe it’s just my estrogen that is too high? I couldn’t find much info regarding Winny and sex drive…

I sincerely appreciate any kind of feedback. I don’t have anyone around I can ask for advice, you guys are pretty much my main source of information!

In my own experience with test only my libido increases dramatically for about six weeks then drops to zero over night even with e2 and prolactin under control, I think when it come to sex drive and a test cycles there comes a point of diminishing returns, just my two cents though