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Winstrol Insomnia

Hey everyone! Just a question for the guys the use winstrol. How many of you get insomnia with it? Read mixed reviews online, just looking for some input! Thanks!

I’m running it now. Altho I cant say it’s the winny that gives me insomnia because I had it on test as well. The winny def doesn’t help anything tho in my situation.

I have acess to medication to combat insomnia so it’s not a huge issue. From what iv heard most people have no issues with it tho

How do you like the Winny? My buddies running it right now and gets crazy strength and pumps from it… he also was holding a bit of water from the test and within 2 days of Winny dropped the water… seems like a good compound

Man i love it!

Pumps are amazing they seem to last about 8 hours

Exact same thing that happened to me. I was holding about 15 lbs of water from test E all dropped within a week.

You will hear a lot of people saying unless your competing etc its not good to run. My take is as long as you dont get bad sides from something and you enjoy it why not run it?

(obviously there is the whole liver issue which there is no way around. My understanding is tho keep it under 6-8 weeks and recovery will usually be fine)

Do you experience any stomach cramping from the winny?

No. But that is common it is hard on your stomach. I take it with 24oz of water and it seems to help