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Winstrol Info


I'm looking for some advice concerning winny.
I am 26, 217lbs (offseason) 200lbs (contest) Trainig for 8 years.

No AAS use yet. Considering winstrol to help save some muscle during the diet, or maybe even gain a little.

Has anyone used winstrol on it's own to help maintain lean mass while cutting down for a show?
If so, what doses?
any PCT?
Is it effective?

I also want to use some clen to help burn the fat.
Please help?


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I know the info's out there and I have read a lot but I'm looking for personal experieces from people who have tried using winny on it's own.


I tried to copy a link to you, with no luck. I agree with BUSHBOY. Do your search. There are 727 post out there. I looked thru about 10. Try the 4th one from the top just using Winstrol.
Damn I'm in a nice mood.


As a fellow competitive bber, i would never run winstrol as a stand alone pre-contest...actually, let me rephrase that, i wouldn't run winstrol AT ANY TIME if it were me, but everyone reacts differently to AAS, so maybe you'll be fine.
I experienced more hair loss off winstrol than any other AAS, and my tendons, joints, etc. felt like an 80 yr old man would.
My last pre-contest stack consisted of 30mg anavar/d, 400mg eq/wk, and 250mg test/wk...I came in looking sharper than ever and my physique spoke for itself. Just my 2 cents.



hey katz,

    How long did it take for those sides to manifest themselves??  Hairloss and more importantly tendon and joint health???


I ran a winny only cycle for 4 weeks. All I saw were a few pounds gain of muscle. Sore back and joints and it sent my cholesterol and liver profile through the roof. I will never run winny again. Not worth it, there are better things that can be done.


I completely agree.. My joints have never hurt more than from when I was on winny and not only that but EQ makes me more vascular AND I don't have to take as many injections.. I'd stick with Anavar or EQ or hell even the AM dbol cycle wouldn't be bad at all as long as you had some anti-e's..



probably a couple-3 weeks, and it even seemed as though my hair continued to shed upon cessation of the drug.



Thanks for the help.
My research continues.


You have my favorite avitar


What dosage? Oral or injectible?


2 days at 100mg ed and so far nothing bad... nothing good either that I can tell though lol...