Winstrol - How to Tell If It's Real?

I could use some input - i’m doing prop with winny (or so i think). Unfortunately i bloated up from water retention (even though diet was in check - carbs kept at similar level than normal), bf is/was very low - 2weeks in and i gained more than 10pounds .

Probably the winny is dbol or methyltest - i’d like to know if it is normal that after taking each pill of winny i feel apettite increase like hell. I get insane pumps and pressure is rising but the bloat is really pissing me off. I’m getting new one in few days - just don’t know if its test which gives the bloat (which would be ok) or winny (which isn’t winny indeed?)


If I did put on at least 10 lbs after two weeks of prop I would say that there was something wrong with it.

Without knowing your dosage of any of the above its really tough to say.

Drop the winstrol and see what happens. Simple yet effective solution.

Winstrol is at the biggest risk for false advertisement, as it is used greatly. Is there a known or tracable lab? If so, someone else may have tried the same lab and could help answer your question.

What did your diet look like? At first guess, I’m inclined to think you put on some degree of fat.

post up some pictures

Are you sure the prop is prop and not Enanthate.

[quote]RollingStone wrote:
post up some pictures[/quote]

No don’t

yeah - prop for sure, 100mg eod. Gonna drop the ‘winny’ - will see what will happen - the thing that’s werid is the hunger that kicks off with every pill (or is it normal on stan?)