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Winstrol & Form

Fellow T-Men.
I’m about to do a cycle of 450mg Deca/week and 50mg of Winstrol/day like most on the forum have suggested. My question is, (and sorry if it seems like a stupid one), does it matter what for of winstrol I take everyday. What I mean is does it matter if 50mg a day comes from an injectable or in the form of a powder/pill. The powder form is SOOOO much cheaper, and I don’t like the idea of 56 injections over 8 weeks. I’d run out of room on my ass! Bill or anyone care to field this one to me?

I think it doesnt matter too much, just remember to spread your oral dosages throughout the day

they’re both 17aa, so I can’t see why it would matter! I’d do pills, myself…

well orals will pass through the liver twice so teh strain on your liver is double–this is the only difference–but you have to take the orals 4-5 times a day for optimal effectiveness. 8 weeks on orals is a long time especially if you are worried about health first and not only results. So yes there is a difference and making the powderinto caps is a BIG pain in the ass.

The toxicity to the liver is probably the
same oral or injectable. You might need
to take a little more orally to get the
same effect as injectable. Oral should be
divided into say 4 doses per day: a single
dose is nowhere near as effective.

try using insulin-syringes for the winstrol inj. they don´t cause much scar tissue & u can inject it without out much discomfort, in smaller bodyparts