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Winstrol for Powerlifting?

I keep reading conflicting reports on whether Winstrol is good for strength and power.

Some say stay away from it because of the uneven tendon growth and dry joint issues and others say run it 2 weeks on 2 off at 50 mg a day and its brilliant as long as its run with Deca and another wet oral.

I’ve never run it before so would be interested in feedback from those who have and whether it has been useful?

Thanks Guys

I like food the most, most anabolic thing out there

Just ‘Food’ doesn’t get you a 500 lb Bench though does it…


I ran it with 750mg test enathate prop mix, 50 mg fine helped harden up. Never had joint pain. So people react different to though as i have severel people complain about joint pain.

I know nothing about this subject.

I’m just letting you know that you might get more help in the pharma forum of this site. But I’d still check back here just in case someone does have more on this subject.

Cheers mate, I did wonder whether to post it there but then thought it’s 6 and 2 3’s as to whether the appropriate readers will see it here or in the gear part.

Does your training suck? Is the rest of your life in order (sleep, food, steady income, stable relationships, etc.)? If just food isn’t helping you progress, odds are something in your training and/or life sucks and you should get that in order first.

I’m not sure if you can read properly or not? The headline asks on the effectiveness of a particular steroid.

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I consider myself a pretty bad dude, but I am not a bad enough dude to talk this way to Mike Hedlesky on a powerlifting forum.

Edit: Goddammit, I swear the staff here waits until I say what forum I am in before moving threads to make me look like a lunatic.


I couldn’t care less who people are - Give me an intelligent answer or at least answer it properly and I’ll do the same back. Not ‘Does my life suck?’ I mean what sort of idiotic response is that.

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Winny is good for strenght without water retention. So it is perfect if you have to stay in a weight class, it is very popular as to its effectiveness pills or injections. I dont like pinning eod so i like pills. If i only had 3 drugs and that is all i ever used it would be , Sustanon, equipoise, winny. I have yet to try masteron or t bol or npp yet. Start at 30 mg daily see how it feels, i hope you are running test with and not just deca, enough test should be wet enough. I would only add oral maybe halotestin two weeks out from meet end of cycle.

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it’s not idiotic.

and the pharma forum is the only place you should be talking about this. it’s good that it got moved.

winstrol is good for powerlifting. I’ve only run it concurrently with dbol and T, and I was fine. Deca isn’t necessary, nor is a 2nd oral. I just always run dbol no matter what lol

I ran winstrol and hated it. I did it on a cut while still trying to lift heavy and my elbows would blow up just from rowing or any pullups. I dont think I got much strength out of it. I ran it for a couple weeks and switched to Masteron which I LOVED!!

Ultimately I think the joint pain has a relation with your leanness.

IMO there are better options to Winny, liver toxic and causes joint pains when you actually get lean which is the best reason to use it. Masteron is way better for strength and probably comparable for cutting while having none of the downsides.


No, the thread was originally posted in the powerlifting section when @StormTheBeach made that comment.

It’s why I wish there were some feature where thread moves were documenting on the thread itself. It would prevent confusion like this. Similar to how I would comment on threads about 5/3/1 outside of the 5/3/1 forum, then the threads would be moved and it would look like I was trying to give advice on Jim’s program in Jim’s forum.

I was confused as to why this was in the PL section.

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