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Winstrol for Muscle and Speed? Tell Me if I’m Being Stupid

Hey, I’ve been lifting for a few years, in order to boost myself in the pool. I believe I’ve reached my limit and am looking for a way to decrease my times. I’ve heard that winstrol can help me gain some lean muscle and increase my endurance, strength as well as other physical attributes. I am wondering if winstrol would be wise to use in order for some lean muscle gain and fat loss. I am lean already, and just looking to decrease my times in both swimming and running. This would be for a first cycle and am wondering if I should rather do testosterone instead of winstrol. I don’t want to be too big, but I want to have a good amount of muscle on me.

Are you a competive swimmer/runner?

Im not gonna flame you for using drugs in competive sports but don’t do it for the sole purpose of winning first that’s retarded unless your making a living off it and then it’s even more retarded (unless you don’t get caught ofcourse)

If your doing it for you personal gratification I would reccomend test and anavar. Altho your going to have to feel your way around the pumps orals can cause. Really it’s gonna be trial and error.

No I’m not a professional swimmer/runner. I’m doing it for personal gratification. I’m currently at a 4:38 mile naturally and am trying to get It down as far as possible for myself. That’s why I was researching winstrol. Because I heard that it has endurance properties to it as well as strength and some gains. In swimming, I am also trying to do the same. Would winstrol and testosterone work for making me lean and have a decent bit of muscle on me, or would the testosterone be too much? Could I take winstrol at around 50mg per day and cut the testosterone down a little bit in order to make gains, but not be huge?

I would take the winstrol probably at a lower dose then 50 for what your looking for. Maybe 25/day that might help lower some possible sides that you would not want to experience as a runner/swimmer.

As for the test I would think keeping it low would be best. 150/week should minimize bloat and water retention if your open to pinning daily you could use test prop to further reduce any possible water retention.

As I said tho it’s going to ultimately be trial and error. Ofcourse use a liver supplement like tudca and nac. And I’d also recommend taurine for possible pumps winstrol can cause. It doesn’t work for everyone but 2-3 grams of taurine 3 times day has worked great for me.

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Thanks, I’m going to try it out! I’ll keep the winstrol at 25 mg and I’ll further look into the test prop.

As for a cycle, how long do you reckon I should go for with the winstrol and testosterone? When should I start the two? Should I kickstart it off with testosterone, and then start winstrol?

If you run it at 25mg/day you could run it 6-8 weeks.

If you use test E then I’d would start the winstrol a few weeks after the test if you use test prop you can start whenever.

As for cycle length that’s up to you I would run it atleast 12 weeks or atleast 8 weeks with a prop ester for your goals

Quick disclaimer. I’m not a swimmer or a runner. Im only speaking from my experience with winstrol and trying to think about how I would use it for your goals

Yes, I’m aware. I’m gonna see how my body reacts to this cycle and I’m going to try another one based off my results from this one.

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holy shit… 4 minute mile, that’s obscene man. I CAN do 3km in juuuuusst under 15 min (then I get athsma if I push myself this hard and end up short of breath and coughing extensively for about an hour… and my knees/ankles hurt). Exercise induced athsma… since the 7th grade yeet

Can probs do a 7 minute mile. Do you take supps clinically proven to help aerobic capacity such as creatine, beta alanine?

Yep, before I even thought about using steroids, I made sure I was doing everything in my power to get to my maximum potential. I take creatine, beta alanine, vitamins, whey protein, and Carnitine in order to make my times as short as possible.

I think a few olympian sprinters got medals stripped for winny… So it must be good for that… Ive used it and imo I felt like shit but man it does kick in when your in beast mode… Makes your muscles hard and drys you out… Hydrate and take liver support… Its a bitch on joints so double down on fish oil too… So I could see how its like hitting the NOS in the speed game tho

what was your time before you started training seriously?

Before training seriously, my mile, from my three years of middle school half assed track practice, and cross country training, and swimming year round was around 5:10. At the end of middle school, I had a 5:02 mile and I had been training seriously (going to the gym and doing sprints, and then running long distance on a treadmill 7 times a week) for a few weeks.

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wait, so are you in high school?

yes going into senior year

Oh Man disregard everything I said. I do not condone steroid use in minors and the advide I was giving was based upon you being of an age of 20+

yeah, I kinda gave up on the steroids thing. They’re way too expensive for what I’m making right now and I figured I should just pull through naturally for now. Maybe I’ll look into them later.

Ya bro. Keep training hard and in a couple years if your still trying to shave some time off your mile give it a go