winstrol = ephedra

First time poster here. I have learned alot over the past year without ever having to post because it seems like everything is in the search but I cant find this. A buddy of mine tells me the winstrol is nothing but a “supercharged” ephedra. Is this true? I have never used it personally but was just curious.

It is not true.

Not at all.

Your friend must also believe that crack is a major food group.

Are you sure he is not getting confused with Clenbuterol?



Where the fuck do these guys come from?

go punch your friend in the nuts and then both of you can sit down and read some more. There is tons of info about winny and ephedra on this site. If you can’t find it here some how than, well sorry to say it but, there are other site out there with info about training and supps aswell.

You shouldn’t consider using EITHER until you learn more abouth them. Not even close. I’d suggest digging in the archives and doing some research before posting such a question (Esp. for your first post).
Oh, and uh, welcome to the forum!

ok tough guys- I wanted to explain more in the question but wanted my friend to see for himself. I KNEW that winstrol was not ephedra just wanted to prove it to him. So thank you! I especially liked when I showed him the one about crack being a major food group. So NOW he believes me!

Thank you…thank you very much. You’ve been a great audience. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.