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Winstrol Depot

Is the liver toxicity of winstrol tabs the same as if you were to take winstrol amps orally? I’ve read on here that if you choose to take winstrol depot amps orally, you need to up your dosage because it is not metabolized as efficiently as winstrol tabs - that being because it was meant to be used as an injection into the muscle tissue and obviously not orally (sorry about the run on sentence).
Now hypothetically if I wanted to run a 4 week cycle of MAG-10 and Winstrol and I had 20 amps (50’s) of winnie to take orally and enough MAG-10 to single dose for 4 weeks how would I set up the winny frontload and dosage?

If you have that much winny depot i would definetly inject it. It is more effective milligram for millegram if injected because your blood level stays constant throuhout the day.

If you really dont want to inject, then yes i would take some more. Two amps per day (100mg total) is a good dosage to work with. The equivalent of 50mg injected is around 75mg/day in most people but thats an inconvenient dose to work with if you have ampules of 50mg. As for the winny frontload, theres not much of a point in doing it because its so short acting. Its made a lot more short acting because you’re taking it orally. The half-life is between 6 and 9 hours when taken orally. You will need to administer some at least twice a day to keep a somewhat constant blood level. Frontload, if you’re dead set on it, 150mg/day for the first few days but there really isnt much of a point in doing that. Mag-10 i would just run as per instructions. I dont know a whole lot about it. M and Tribex would be a good idea for recovery as 4 weeks of winny and Mag-10 may suppress your natural testosterone production to some degree. I wouldnt recommend running your winny much longer than 4 weeks unless you have access to some real recovery drugs (nolvadex or clomid). Injecting as opposed to injesting though will make better use of what you have available to you. Winny, especially zambon ampules which is what you might have can be hard to find and pricey when you do find it.


The chemical structure for oral Winny and depot Winny are identical. So yes, the liver toxicity would be the same for both if you were to pass both through your digestive system (take them orally). I would inject the Winny if you have available amps.

Do NOT frontload your Winny. It’s nonsense, and a waste of money.

If you still choose to take your depot Winny orally, double up your dosage. Good luck.

injected winstrol is more potent because it doesnt pass directly through the digestive system. to say it causes more consistent blood levels isnt entirely accurate.