Winstrol Depot

What is the best way to use this?

I have in the past (Due to the fact it costs so much) used a shot every other day for 6 weeks, alondside some deca, and i noticed very little from it, no real strength other than what i could have expected from the deca alone (I know, fuck off…), and no noticable anabolism.

It was real, i can’t remember the brand, but the main one, packs of 3, 1/3 white, 2/3 clear… plus very trusted source.

So was that a little low of a dose?
What would you suggest i use it with?

Prop would be nice wouldn’t it, and maybe a little tren or deca too? NPP, Prop and Winny?! that sounds good…

Anyway, also what is the best way to use it? 50mg a day? 7 days a week? i know it is still 17-AA, so no longer than 8 weeks, 6 would be best for me cost wise anyway.

What about mon-fri for 6 weeks with some test, cyp or prop…

Plus is it better, mid, early or end of the cycle?

If i did a longer cycle, could i use it to come off a cycle of 10-12 weeks of test and deca, with the last 2-4 weeks being just winny, with an overlap of 2-4 weeks. Would this harden up my sorter gains, or is it useless for that, and wuld be better in the 1st 1-6wks, or the last 6-12 weeks?

OR is all this bollocks and the best and only real reason to use it is for cutting, and in that case a few weeks on test, switching to Prop, adding var and primo, dropping primo adding winny etc…
ie, is there a point for me to waste my money on winstrol when i can use prop, cyp, enan, deca, ganabol, dbol, var.




AND… getting some winnie orals… 5mg, what is a decent LOW dose? 25mgs a day i read, it that right?


Joe i am about to throw oral win into my cycle and 25 mg ed is what i’m going to use but i’ve heard vin say he uses around 50mg ed? 25 should be a good low dose and i’ve had decent results in the past from it. Hell, I may take vin mans advice and bump it up this time to around

40 -50mg ed, see if i notice any difference. Try and let you know the results, as i should have it 2 -3 more days. Good luck

I getting mine tomorrow… gonna do 25mgs/pd for the last 3 weeks of cycle.

We’ll meet up here and compare! lol!