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i am looking to do a cut and i was just wondering if cytomel with winstrol together would do the trick? if its a good stack?


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Winstrol is not anywhere near as anabolic as it would need to be when using Cytomel - you will massively increase your metabolism with that drug - and Winstrol alone wont offset the resulting catabolism.

No, it is not a good ‘cutting’ stack. Unless you intend to get into the driest, leanest competitive bodybuilder condition - dont worrk about ‘cutting’ steroids. By all means steroids will assist your efforts, but deca and test is just fine to offset catabolism.

Diet is the key, stats?


If your diet and workouts are in order then it could help, but I would do some winstrol and test/mast/something else to keep muscle and a small amount of t3 and clen to burn fat. Steroids will of course help maintain muscle because of their anabolic effect and because they disrupt the pathway by which thyroid hormones burn muscle for energy but there is a point where no amount of steroids or insulin will prevent muscle loss from high doses of t3.