Winstrol Cycling

hello guys , so i just recently started my first cycle in order to cut which consist of 30 mg of Winstrol ED and 250 mg of test e with a frontloading of 750 mg in the first week . i am currently in the second week but i realized since am still about 14% bodyfat it might be too early for Winstrol , so would it be a good idea if i took winstrol for two weeks to kickstart the cycle until the test kick in , then i stop for 2 weeks to lose extra bodyfat then return the winstrol for the final two weeks to fully use its benefits when i am much leaner.
Ps: I am also using albuterol and i train 6 /week with twice a day cardio.
I would appreciate your take on this.

I’d stick with just the Test for your first cycle. No need to throw an oral in there.

If you dumped 750 mg of test and no E2 control you are going to have bigger problems. Hope you have tamoxifen? I’ve never front loaded test, you dont need to. Just pin twice a week

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I didnt had tamoxifen yet but things seems fine regarding water retention and Gyno since test e takes time to work i guess but i can get my hands on some tamoxifen if things went wrong.

I would just in case. And read this thread from our resident Endo/BBer/Gear Guru

Thanks bro i certainly would get some tamoxifen , AI are darn expensive and outta of my reach , also i heard Nolva has some drying effects as well .
But i would really like to know your take on the idea of discontinuing the winny use for two weeks , or will that reduce its effectiveness and concentration in the blood.

I think you can discontinue and save for another cycle. Most guys on this forum agree that a first cycle should be just test and nothing else. This lets you see your results just with test and no other variables. Winny gets mixed reviews IMO. Lots of guys say it wont work unless you’re super lean. The same thing is said about Masteron but I use Mast with good results and it helps me cut w/o being super lean.

Thanks bro , i guess ill save the winny until i am much leaner , i really appreciate your responses , thank you .

No worries. Are you pinning twice a week?

Was planning on only once a week for the cut then up it to twice for an 8 week bulk , i am a bit worried of water retention

I know a lot of people who use winstrol for powerlifting. It’s a good drug for strength, regardless of bodyfat level.

Here’s the thing about orals, and any other AAS for that matter. There is no such thing as a cutting steroid, or a bulking steroid. They all have properties that lend themselves towards muscular growth and fat loss. The only major differences (in terms of benefits) are how they affect cardiovascular conditioning, how they affect water retention, how they affect appetite, and how they affect joint health/collagen synthesis. So, for instance: If I wanted to take a strong steroid, and I wasn’t particularly interested in gaining weight, then trenbolone would be a good choice. NOT because the drug itself will make you lose and/or prevent you from gaining weight, but rather that, for me, it suppresses my appetite. It also doesn’t come with excessive water retention. So if I’m approaching stage-readiness, this becomes important.

So back to winstrol…

Winstrol has been popularized, erroneously, as a cutting drug. It was and has been popular for a long time with runners, who are obviously pretty universally lean to begin with. What it really does is build/preserve muscle without increasing appetite, or forcing water retention. So for bodybuilders, this becomes important during a cutting phase. But the drug itself is not causing any more fat loss than something like dbol would. Winstrol is also a drug that does good things for conditioning (another benefit for runners). So you’ll be able to do whatever conditioning work you do easier.

Basically what I’m saying is, you’re not wasting the winstrol cycle if you’re above 10% bodyfat. Just don’t expect it to be directly melting percentage points of fat off your body.

Also, I quoted studhammer in this post, but its really meant to be for anyone’s benefit.

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Nice write up @flipcollar! But you don’t get hungry with Tren? I cannot stop eating everything in sight. Mostly sugary stuff like cereal.

the twice a week is to maintain your test levels. less peaks and valleys as you approach the half-life of the test. I wouldn’t worry too much about water on a straight test cycle.

I know about that and i may start pining twice , but i am having a cold these past two days and am afraid test would aggrevate that . either way everyone around here suggest the twice per week so i am going for it.

hhhh of course , but i took for more of the dieuritic effect , and in terms of strength i gotta say thats very true , last chest session and only 6 days on winny i lifted an extra 15 lbs than my usual 3 rep max.
Beside , my stuff is surely a counterfit but i can feel my joints cracking and i am looking a bit leaner so i know its the winny .

@flipcollar this is a golden post and super accurate. It’s like guys who say not to use masteron it you’re over 12% lol.

I also don’t reallt believe anyone over 12% should be bulking but that’s another story for another thread haha.


Yeet but in my opinion there is a problem with some people who use winny for bulking. Many will use the IIFYM style diet for bulking, and for many winstrol will wreck their lipid profiles (I’ve never taken it but one half of one side of my family has a history of high cholesterol, I can hypothesize winny would likely destroy my lipids, esp considering my HDL is always borderline, like in the mid 40s, LDL is pretty good though, in the 80-90s), if I was bulking up, and eating shit so long as it fits my macros atherosclerotic buildup over time would likely be greater than if I was cutting on a decifit or going through contest prep and using winny right? Not to say I’d ever use winny, I’d use masteron instead, not as harsh. This is assuming it’s not a clean bulk, while dirty bulking isn’t particularly healthy and can lead to issues with AR sensitivity, insulin sensitivity and whatnot many people tend to dirty bulk because it’s way easier (and more fun) to eat badly and put on as much weight as possible, I know when I was a kid and started bodybuilding I ate everything in sight, it worked but only about half of what I gained was LBM. But it SEEMS for some, like flipcollar, this style of eating actually seems to work and is highly effective, so it’s not to say no one can get away with it. Anyhow what I’m trying to say is test is probably better for bulking with a health perspective in view… Actually test is probably better for cutting or bulking than winny with a health perspective in view, unless you’re one of those individuals who maintains a good lipid, kidney and liver function profile even on orals.

I’m actually cutting now, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “hmmmm too fat” so I’m cutting down to a lean 70kg, so I’ll be the same weight as when I started but my BF percentage will be 5-7 percent lower. I wanna be 8-10 percent BF before I think about bulking up again, not only will I look better, but it’ll make it easier to prep for a contest if I consistently stay below 15% bf

I my forearms to look like an erect penis dammit

Why do you want a diuretic effect? You’re at 14% bodyfat. That’s not a good idea.

you’re also taking albuterol. How do you know it’s not that? Albuterol ACTUALLY promotes fat loss.

and then there’s this. First you’re saying you know it’s counterfeit. Then you’re saying you KNOW it’s working. You’re really not thinking things through here buddy.

hhhh i know it sounds mad , as far as albuterol i think yes it works for fat loss in my book but i just start it a week after the winny , and i noticed the differences before i reintroduce the albuterol.
and yes my winny is a counterfit because the thaiger pharma stuff is yellow pills and mine are plain withe with no print on them . also they are not neat. but strength gains are there , i lifted heavier almost in every lift , also my joints are cracking like hell , so may be it is an underground winny with real stuff in there.

Also i had a terrible flu for few days now , i dont know if it is from the gear , i heard guys says that coughing from test flu is dry while i produce a lot of muccus , so am not really sure if it is test flu or regular flu . I would really appreciate your take on that bro.

you noticed fat loss in 1 week of winny?

No dude. It doesn’t work that way. That’s your eyes playing tricks on you. You’re not going to have appreciable fat loss in 1 week, let alone the first week on a drug.

you’re using this word wrong! that’s not what it means.

Counterfeit, in this context, means fake. You don’t have fake winny. What you have is non-pharma winny. Stop calling it counterfeit, that’s misleading.

I’ve never heard this.

If you’re not sure if you have the flu, go to your doctor and get tested. Nobody can diagnose you with the flu online.