Winstrol Cycle

Hey hey, first day and post on the forums. I’m highly considering doing my first cycle and I want to go with Winistrol but not really sure what else I should cycle with it as well.

I really want to get down to at least 12% or 10% bodyfat without burning any muscle (so I do very lite cardio already).

I found a Canadian Reseller with a $500 min. for order which you guys probably already know who it is judging by my browsing around the forums.

What is everything I should purchase with Winistrol so that I achieve the best results.


Hey bro, if that’s you in your avatar, then I think you’re already there.

What else are you wanting from the Winstrol? If it’s just to lean out, I would use something like Albuterol or Clenbuterol instead. But, for a recommendation I would add Test Prop at around 100mg Every Other Day.

Yeah that’s me…but I just want to completely lean out where I’m absolutely ripped…I got some good advice and I’m thinking Test Prop and Winstrol EOD.

I would suggest saving your first cycle for a mass phase and use Albuterol or the like (as suggested above). Also, don’t forget, most steroids (not too sure about winnie)are going to make you VERY HUNGRY. Not good for dieting down.