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Winstrol cycle

I have posted on this before in that I am planning a couple of winstrol only cycles being that all I want is a few more muscular pounds while getting leaner and harder and receiving a nice strength increase.I am soon going to obtain a package of 100 50mg tabs of winstrol in which I will take one tab a day as I respond well to low doses.I am choosing 1 of two ways to do this, my first choice involves doing 2 -5weeks cycles with 3 weeks inbetween followed by one more 3 week break and finishing the tabs with a cycle a little over 4 weeks or I could split the package inhalf and do 2 cycles a little over 7 weeks each with a month off in between the two.Now which choice do you think would be most beneficial for gains while still remaining fairly safe and since the gains made with winstrol are fairly easy to maintain would taking Alpha Male between and after cycles are finished be beneficial? I know this was kind of a long post but I would appreciate any and all thoughts and advice thanks,John

If you are going to use this approach, I advise either the 3 week on, 3 week off approach, just one longer, heavier cycle, or two long ones with a longer recovery in between.

thanks for the input prisoner

i agree with the short cycles, but usually recommend 2 weeks as igf-1 secretion decreases after the second week. a two week break with a formestane and 7-keto-DHEA transdermal will help regenerate any decline in natural production and keep cortisol at bay, then another two weeks followed by PCT and a break.