Winstrol + Bacteria

I was flipping thru the Underground Anabolics by Llewellen and they had a lab report on a batch of Winstrol with a 12,000 rating amount of bacteria in it.

Is it possible to sterilize something like that? Anyone ever get sick from Winny or any other injectable that you know of?

Filtering through a .22 should do the trick, maybe adding some BA.

I don’t have that book on hand, but was it a Winny suspension? A true “suspension” means that the crystals are visible and you’re supposed to shake the vial before drawing. I know that it is possible to make an injectable Winstrol product with the compound completely dissolved, but from what I understand a lot of what is floating around is suspension.

The reason I ask is a suspension can’t really be filtered properly as the crystals will clog the filter. It probably is possible if it were heated enough to temporarily dissolved the crystals and then quickly trying to filter before it crashes, but from what I’ve read when you go this route it will often crash if you try to filter more than a few ml’s at a time - in other words, an UGL probably wouldn’t go about it this way.

This is also why other suspensions, such as Testosterone Suspension, have a reputation for being fairly likely to cause an infection.

If the crystals are completely dissolved, but you are still worried about it, filtering it should do the trick. As Rational Gaze said, you can add some BA also. Just be careful as BA can cause a lot of pain if too much is used and UGLs typically use higher than necessary amounts as it is, such as 5%.

[quote]Rational Gaze wrote:
Filtering through a .22 should do the trick, maybe adding some BA.[/quote]

Um. No

Bonez - why no? My guess would be that you’d be filtering out ALL the Winstrol, correct?

Sorry, that’s my fault for not reading the question properly, I thought when you said “something like that” you didn’t necessarily mean Winstrol.

[quote]saveski wrote:
Bonez - why no? My guess would be that you’d be filtering out ALL the Winstrol, correct?[/quote]

Yes, the winstrol crystals would be too large to pass through a filter.

Drinking the water based winstrol is one way around the potential sterility risks. Although if I knew I had stuff with that much bacteria in it I’d surely avoid that UGL.

Or…or…or you could just add some suspension and run the old Test S. + Winny D. + Strepylococcus stack.
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