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Winstrol As a Fat Burner

I’ve been using just 25mg of oral winstrol per day, nothing else… for only 4 weeks now and I just can’t believe how powerful it is. It’s ripping me to shreds and I’m not even eating all that healthy, doing basically no cardio, and been pretty lazy at lifting too.

Is this typical, or is my body just responding very well to it? If anyone knows of any articles that go into detail about this please link it.

How lean were you before? It could also have to do with its anti-e properties…

I’ve always been pretty much naturally lean, but have been slacking off lately and gained some fat and water weight. Everyone keeps telling me winstrol does not burn fat… my body is telling me differently, as I said I’ve been lazy with the workouts and not all that strict on the diet but winny is cutting me up, so I dunno.

Winstrol doesnt burn bodyfat

Well my name it Eternalnoob, what do ya expect? =P

I know I’m in ketosis because I have that weird sweet taste in my mouth 24/7, but I’ve been eating shitload… carbs, fats, protein… I eat everything, how the hell am I in ketosis?


get a keto stck from a pharmasist you pee on them and they will tell you if your in ketosis…if yu are you need to see a doctor about your kidneys

do you brush your teeth?

Heh yea I brush my teeth, and I don’t need keto sticks to know when I’m in ketosis, it’s a subtle sweet taste that never goes away… and it’s not a bad thing since it means I’m burning fat, but I just don’t know how the hell that’s happening since I’m eating like a pig… that big plate of spaghetti just before bed, yea that was me…

I don’t know the specifics of how, or any of the science behind it but Winstrol is making me burn fat.