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Winstrol and 'V-Diet' with More Food


Age 31
Weight 233.8
Height 6'1
Build between mesomorph endomorph
History training for 10 years naturally
Body fat 12% at a guess.

i have successful completed the velocity diet (2.0) in the end of feb 09.
Followed that diet plan and exercise routine throughout.
Got really good results from that diet plan.

Now currently looking to do a 6 week steroid therapy, winstrol tabs (stananbol) intake would be pyramid at;

Week 1 20mg ed
Week 2 40mg ed
Week 3 50mg ed
Week 4 50mg ed
Week 5 40mg ed
Week 6 20mg ed

This would be my first cycle, after chatting, reading, etc this seems to be the best course for an intro.

My objectives are to get lean, and expect to lose a little size.

My question is to do with diet, im wondering if the Velocity Diet 3.0 along with the workout routine, plus additional three servings of boiled chicken and steamed veg each day would work well with winstrol tab, my carb in take would be 100g per day, protein intake will be over 280g.
Is this sufficient to aid the winstrol tabs to do its job?


Out of curiosity, where in the hell did you read that this was a good first cycle for anyone?

And I love the "(stananol)" just in case we werent sure what you meant by winstrol tabs and still you managed to spell it wrong.

And even with oral only cycles I still advise people to conduct a proper PCT.

In my opinion, you should head back to the drawing board and actually READ this time.




Winstrol only at a dose between 20mg-50mg/day, no PCT... What a shit cycle.. you will get a better effect than naturally - however, it isnt worth the suppression as you simply wont hold onto muscle on a diet like that.

I would be interested to hear the advice given by those you have been 'chatting' with and the sites you have been reading..

(one last point - there is really no need to eat boiled chicken - the thought makes me nauseous! Grilling with some herbs and spices will make it something you enjoy eating as well as being a diet food - JMO).



I always wonder if people who say they eat boiled chicken just say they eat boiled chicken, because, does anybody really eat boiled chicken? I mean, who can?


Yeah thanks, constructive criticism goes a long way, i will crawl under my rock now and wont bother you might steriod guru's...

Best thing i got out of you lot is you dont like boiled chicken and my cycle is shizer, great advice, great wisdom. i learnt that cockness at school.

PS Boiled chicken tastes grrrrrreat! may you have learnt something from me, pass it on... :slight_smile:


And another one bites the dust...




The smell of boiled chicken makes me sick to my stomach...yuck


and another one gone... and another one gone...another one bust the dust!


You going on American Idol soon you big diva you.... ??? :wink:


This thread has made me start listening to "under pressure" by queen again.

God I love this song.


I hope it soothes vaginal pain.


This is my first day on the boards, and all I can say is 'wow' at the community. I don't want to get banned before any good information is exchanged, but give the guy a break. So he's not a steroid user. Ben Johnson lost his gold medal in the Olympics for simply using Winstrol. This man asking the question is asking a valid one, the only thing you guys don't understand is that he does not appear to want to use a real 'steroid' in which everybody knows your obviously juicing.

I completely understand his point of view. I just turned 32, I used to be 10% bodyfat in the 170s and now I'm 200 lbs. I pulled an abductor doing the splits and lost my ability to do my two fight finishing kicks, my sidekick and head roundhouse. I have been sitting on my ass working 9-5 not training until just this weekend (the power difference is amazing in certain techniques performed on the heavy bag, being previously 175ish and now 198-203 fluctuations)...Anyways, I got off point.

My point is that I was thinking exactly the same as he was: positive nitrogen balance through a diet and supplemented steroid not known to make you look juiced, with a low carb diet and exercise for extreme gains. I agree he could be more scientific with his carbs and actually eat pre and post workout proper carbs, but his idea is one many people not familiar with roids share. And I've been a personal trainer for a long time, just one that knows nothing about steroids.


EXACTLY the point.
Those who ARE familiar with AAS know that it is not a good idea - the gains that are possible are so minute,, they are not worth the suppression (IMO).
Those who dont know anything about AAS use (there is nothing wrong with that - until you want to use and become arrogant in your ignorange) DO tend to go for non-aromatising AAS, the reason is the old information that it is just estrogen that caused the shutdown of the HPTA - also the fact that many believe it is just estrogen that causes sides and so if a non-aromatising AAS is used, no ancillaries are needed. This is also incorrect.

A winstrol only cycle will need some sort of estrogen 'replacement' as levels are likely to fall too low with its mild AI effects and its non-binding to aromatase.. this will lead to a lowered sex drive among other negative feelings - so a SERM may be of use. PLUS one will need a PCT regime for the weeks after the cycle to help recover the HPTA.

If ancillaries such as the ones are needed - then why not use a 6 week cycle of 350mg/wk Test Prop.. MORE muscle will be kept during a harsh diet such as the 'Velocity Diet', not much water will be gained with correct use of an AI and daily injects, and finally a SERM PCT for the same duration will be just as effective in restoring the HPTA.

As for doping in sport argument.. sure Ben Johnson was caught with Stanazolol in his blood, however this doesnt mean it is the best drug for the job (although not bad for a tested, light and fast athlete) - look at Linford Christie - positive for Nandrolone! This is hardly the actions of someone who knows it will be detectable upto 18months later is it?! Or Dwain Chambers with Tetrahydrogestrinone - that will have been an uncomfortable cycle due to the fact it was an estrogen based drug - similar to running deca alone i would have expected.
These aren't the actions of men who: Know what drug to take from real, educated experience - only what they were told to take by others.. and in the case of Christie, very bad advice indeed.
Chambers while getting excellent advice on using the clear - it wouldnt have been a comfortable cycle - one that was bourne out of necessity due to stringent drug testing.

What other reason is there for the OP to use Stanazolol than bad advice given down the line somewhere?

Still it wont kill you and you will get better results than if you took nothing - just not the best you could hope for.

PS: Trust me, one cycle of Test - even at 700mg/wk wont turn you into a

sadly it is a little harder than that.



Bites the dust, im still here... :slightly_smiling:

I have just choose the view that some people are so up themselves and to busy scoring points with their new formed internet buddies.

Again I state, the only thing I can get out of these so-called guru's is that they donâ??t like boiled chicken, great advice!

Non knowledge and but plenty of criticism without any backed up factual reason why x y z.
You always get idiots in life, unfortunately I have come across quite a few at once on this forum, but im sure there are few reasonable mind peeps on here.

brook thanks for giving an explaintion as to why...


If that is STILL all the information you've gotten out of this thread than maybe the intellectual/scientific side of proper steroid use isn't for you.

So run along now, go knock back a few shots of winny, and have a ball...


I'm just curious, but why hasn't anyone suggested a good cycle to the OP?

I get the locker room bruising, and I do not like boiled chicken either.

What would you guys suggest?

Brook don't make me whip out my nag stick cuz you know I will. Or are you suggesting test at 700mg/wk?


This doesn't sound like a good idea. First thing I would do--it appears you have the ability to really eat appropriately--is set up some form of carb-cycling diet, that way you can use all the shakes of the V-Diet set-up and get the rest of the nutrients required for good lean growth. Thibs carb-cycling codex is would be the place to start for this. As for first cycles, Test is your friend...


Because there are stickies and hundreds of threads with good cycle outlines. The OP did not do any research, he wanted to be spoon fed.

In fact, there is even a thread about doing the V-Diet while on AAS.


Find the point after the razzing where he starts asking constructive questions about why he is getting so much shit from the community at large, and that will lead you to all of the helpful cycle suggestions that are written in response.

Don't worry that you can't find it. Currently it eludes me, too.