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Winstrol and Testosterone Level


hey everyone i have one question about winstrol and test levels.

after winstrol cycle i mean when winstrol leaveo 100% from blood do testsoteron level will go back normal as it was before or it will be deecrease . i know when some1 is on cycle test is completly off but my question is whats happen after cycle when bloos is free from steroid. do test level will low than it was before or it will be same like it was?


No idea what you’re asking but im gonna assume that you did a winstrol only cycle.

Yes there is a 99% chance that your hpta has shut down and your testosterone levels are low


my question was : after only winstrol cycle will natural testosterone back as it was before cycle. i mean at normal level. or after cycle i mean when i finish my cycle and like after 1 month from my cycle when my blood is free from steroid will my test bring back normal level as it was before cycle or it will be low than it was?


your testosterone levels typically will rebound after a bit of lag time. hopefully you won’t lose your gains in the meantime…

this is why we do PCT… we decrease the time that the HPTA needs to catch up, as well as increase the odds that will have a significant recovery.


thank you for your answer