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Winstrol and Oxandrolone


I am 18 years old and lookin to up my working out. I am not sure im done growing so i dont want anything like dbol. I know oxandrolone does not stunt growth bc of the estrogen but what about winstrol... ive heard better results about winstrol and if it doesnt stunt growth then im going to go with that. any input on if winstrol will stunt growth let me know thnx


So you are looking to up your workouts but you are still young enough that you are worried about stunting your growth. That means that you are too young to begin AAS use. Var is supposed to not prematurely close growth plates in adolescents but is a very weak steroid. Also, the only drugs you evenmentioned are orals.

Do yourself a favor and take the next 2-3 years to perfect your training and diet and read up on proper injecting techiques. Then when you are in your 20's start up with a test cycle. Not what you wanted to hear, but I think others may agree with me.


You want to up your workouts? Try harder, and forget everything your ever heard from coaches/friends in high school. Those are the biggest downfalls at your age.


but does winstrol stunt growth? I don't know if it is close to the same thing as var


Kid, you're fucking 18 years old. Why are you in such a hurry to jump on the juice.
I've been a strength coach for high school football for 10 years and would recommend you train hard and get on a good non-AAS supplement program. (Protein, Nitric oxide, Vitamins, etc.)I've had kids put on as much as 20lbs of rock hard muscle in 3-4 years.

Be patient. You've got enough testosterone running through your system to grow naturally if your smart. Instead of hanging around the steroid threads it would do you good to read the T-Nation articles on training and supplementation.


At 18 hes a man and can do what he wants.

BUT i got to tell you man, you might regret not waiting until your at your natural limit.

Using steroids is kinda like playing your ace card. If you gotta use em to be a good....college athlete a(for examlpe) your never gonna go pro. ect. ect.

MOST people at your age don't need it anyway.

As fond of anavar as I am I'm gonna tell you to hold off.

I got a question for someone though, how long do steroids last before going bad? Obviously depends on the brand but can you theoriticly buy and then store them for a while if its not a good time?


LOL, 20lbs in 3-4 years? Are your kids actually lifting weights. I put on 96lbs in highschool naturally. Not all lean mass of course, but significanlty muscle as I graduated at 17 % bodyfat. Also why have a highschool kid waste money on something like Nitric Oxide.

To the poster, protein and tones of BCAA's. Also, at 18, what does your doctors growth chart evaluation say about how tall you will get, are you expecting to get significantly taller. Depending on genetics you may be, for the most part, done growing.


You stupid idiot despite what these vets are telling you, your still asking if winstrol will stunt your growth.

You should have some patience and wait, but if if you want to fuck yourself up and waste your money be my guest.

Both those steroids by themselves won't do much. You might gain some muscle but in the end you'll lose it. You'll make more progress if you stay natural for now. And if you need to know, Winstrol could stunt your grow since it will suppress your natural T levels. To put it another way, your hormones will be out of whack.



It sounds like genetics would have been good to you whether you worked out or not.
I think you'd have to admit your training partners through high school all didn't gain 96lbs by working out. If they did maybe you could send me some of the water you guys were drinking. Most high school kids don't have that genetic benefit. Most are hard gainers, fast metabolisms, and hard to put on weight. As far as nitric oxide, I don't recommend them to HS kids. I was giving the poster some alternatives to AAS. It's a good supplement for maintainiing a positive nitrogen balance and recovery for hard workouts.


You would be right to point out I was the only one to gain that much weight, very right. However it wasn't due to genetics, as I was very much hard gainer you describe, as are most teens in general. The only difference was that I found the weightroom in middleschool so I had more than enough time to do some legitimite research and trial and error on my own. I also had the motivation to turn my kitchen and the weightroom into my sancuaries.

My intention wasnt to flame, just to point out the fact that posting over acheivments outside of the norm can usually motivate people away from aas or towards lifting in general.

Also with the nitric oxide, i was one who spent alot of money on worthless supps, and I wish I would have had somebody to tell me they were shit in the first place. I did come off sounding like a dick though, for that I apologize.




My hat's off to your previous accomplishments. There's no substitute to your hard work and motivation that allowed you to make the gains you did. There's not many kids like that today. Alot of young guys want a shortcut and I would hope that they, at 18 years of age, would give your methods a shot before AAS.


Keep it up.


i was 18 when i did my first cycle and til this day i regret it. i got gyno,acne,hairloss,lack of hard on you name it, i had it. the younger you are the more side effects you will have. just work on natural test.... more than half of us wish we could!!